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Work At Home Entrepreneurs Cashing In On Carbonite Cloud Backup Market CARB‎ – Carbonite Inc (NASDAQ)‎

August 3, 2012 by Chuck | 1 Comment

When Carbonite Inc (CARB NASDAQ)‎ came to the market, it paid talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh lavish advertising fees.

Work at Home Entrepreneurs wishing to market the service were paid a paltry $3 per customer referral fee.

Thankfully that has changed with work at home entrepreneurs now being able to market cloud backup services with a Carbonite competitor for greatly enhanced commissions.

Thanks to a marketing arrangement created by affiliate marketer Andrew Whiting and, affiliates of the EZ Money Method are able to market the services of and earn $50 per account activation instead of a paltry dollar or two.

This sum allows affiliates to pay for significantly more advertising and in turn increases the prospects of the company to generate even more sales.

While lavish advertising fees will still being paid to media celebrities and major media outlets to market such products, the EZ Money Method finally allows the “little guy” to access the PC Cloud backup  market profitably. is one of a suite of products designed to allow entrepreneurs to make money working from home. Other related products are co-marketed in the EZ Money Method system allowing home based entrepreneurs to generate not only profits in the PC Cloud Backup market but in other business service markets while building other sales streams of their own choosing in the process.

This joint venture is notable for joining together the Cloud backup expertise of MyPCBackup with the marketing expertise of Adam Whiting et al who have extensive background in training armies of online micropreneurs who have proven very open to the generous commission structure made available to them in this unique venture.

The EZ Money Method serves marketers (and consumers) in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

For more information on home business prospects in this market visit: EZ Money Method

For more information on Cloud Backup visit:


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Back To The Drawing Board For Creating Viral Facebook Pics

August 1, 2012 by Chuck | 0 Comments

Ok, I talked to someone who has DONE  lots of viral facebook pics. She must be doing something right. Her fan page has about 400,000 followers.

My last effort here… had print that was too small.

She suggested a famous quote, a picture, and bigger print.

So here’s what I came up with… It’s pretty ugly but I may give this a try… or sleep on it and try to do better!

Learning what “works”, after all, is trying things to SEE what works and then repeating and refining what DOES work!

Note: When folks join EZMM, I tell them the resources I’m using to promote the business so they can do it themselves!

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The Beauty of IT Planning

August 1, 2012 by Chuck | 1 Comment

IT planning and overhead cost projections are often not considered in a fully-integrated manner; in today’s business world, however, the cost of IT
products and software is as important as the physical infrastructure of a company’s office space. Careful planning and realistic projections can help
a company gain an advantage over its competitors.

A company’s IT team is often required to perform many of the budgetary computations and projections for the next years, but hiring consultants
from a Los Angeles IT support company, for example, can help these activities proceed more accurately and smoothly. Consultants have experience with many companies and may have some insights that lead to useful, money-saving ideas. These savings are particularly important in competitive markets, and IT support NYC companies can be especially helpful since New York companies need to save as much on the IT budgets as possible to help offset other expenses that the city demands.

Additionally, IT support teams are often abreast of the latest IT developments and paradigms. When projecting costs over the next five years, it may be necessary to consider new technological advances that will be necessary to stay competitive. Los Angeles IT support experts were some of the first to begin implementing cloud paradigms, and their expertise about these emerging technologies can help a company predict the cost of using this technology to stay ahead of competitors.

Business and IT infrastructure are more intertwined than ever before, and it can sometimes be hard to separate the two. The beauty of IT planning lies in the fact that it helps guide a company’s actions of the next years. In previous years, IT infrastructure was viewed as a tool to help accomplish certain businesses tasks. Today, on the other hand, IT infrastructure itself helps guide a company to new areas of businesses. IT support NYC companies are some of the most helpful when it comes to determining the best course of action for a company. By using the knowledge and experience of experts who have worked with some of the best companies in the world, a company can save significant money and help define its identity in competitive fields. The results are well worth the fees that these consultants charge.

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Creating Viral Pictures For Facebook & Social Media

July 31, 2012 by Chuck | 2 Comments

You know that for the most part, the things people share on Facebook are funny, eye catching, infuriating things.

If you’re not gifted graphic design wise but want to “try” to “go viral” with a picture on Facebook, what do you do?

Well, you could PAY for it to be done.  Start with At least it’s cheap.

I don’t recommend using copyrighted images… too much potential hassle.

But if you’re REALLY cheap and you still want to try something… you can try the Despair.comparody motivator generator to create an image that might catch wildfire on Facebook.

You’ll be giving free promotion away for but you’ll have a fair shot at catching someone’s eye.

Here’s one I made. Not too bad for a first try!


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A “Plug In” Home Business!

July 30, 2012 by Chuck | 0 Comments

Once you find out about this product designed for rural Uganda, you will probably want one for yourself and your own home business!

In Uganda, someone with this solar panel and charging ports can make/save $50 per month… quite a sum there. Using LED or other electric lights, they can increase their safety (fewer fires) by not using kerosene lanterns. And they can earn income by setting up a “phone charging” station in some place you’d otherwise be unable to charge your phone.

It’s a “plug in home business”!

Here’s Good magazine on the product:

Their ReadySet charging kit is proving popular in the U.S. because it has all the plugs we want for our iPads, laptops, lanterns and such—two USB plugs and two car charger ports, no proprietary plugs. It’s not all that different from similar solar power kits. Though this one can also be bike powered or grid powered (which is useful for inconsistent grid situations). It’s designed for the most basic needs: a minimum of light for studying at night, phone charging, to replace dangerous kerosene used for light.

In the US, campers of all people have taken to the device… but I wouldn’t mind having one myself. Since it can be charged by bicycle power,otherwise sedentary office dwellers could use it to cycle and charge their phones. That has my name written all over it!

Here’s the fundraising for a new version at Kickstarter:

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How to Make Money with

July 29, 2012 by Chuck | 2 Comments

I haven’t paid ANY attention to and that’s a big mistake because they have become something of a “micropreneur” hotspot in their short time online.

One amazing fact about the site is that when they conducted an online survey of 5000 users, 14% said that they earned their primary income from the site already! Some have earned over $100,000 it seems. Now remember that many of their micropreneurs are in countries with a significantly lower cost of living, so don’t jump on there and expect to get rich overnight.

Here’s how you CAN do well though…

1. Find what you can profitably do for $4. (Yes, they keep $1 for handling everything).

If you are selling a pdf, you can upload those all day for $4 so no problem! If you’re “doing something”, most users report that it takes them less than 20 minutes per task understandably. You decide. Hopefully you can do something that has lots of potential interest.

2. Remember to UPSELL. Think in terms of what you’d be willing to do IN ADDITION to your basic offer that could add real value. You can then add to the basic cost $5, $10, $15 etc and multiply your base earnings substantially.

3. Think of what you can do to WOW your customer. I recently purchased a “gig” from a seller who gave me – unannounced – not 1, not 2, but THREE free bonuses. Now I may never use them, but I was astounded at the unannounced bonuses. Are there bonuses you could give unannounced?

4. Think of your backend. Now it is illegal (against TOS) to contact buyers outside the system. That’s for everybody’s protection. From what I can tell, however, it’s not illegal to give a pdf with a clickable link to some landing page that lets the person join your autoresponder.

I would offer such a free pdf bonus with a link to EZ Money Method and show people how to make an extra $50 from all their qualified customers. Some will click the link and suddenly a one time sale could produce a lifetime customer.

5. The faster you deliver high quality “gigs” though, the more likely repeat customers will come back looking for you. is definitely worth investigating as a way to make money…handled correctly it could produce significant recurring income.

But the real secret to making money on is getting some TRAINING from people who make good money at it. The best I’m aware of at a reasonable price are the folks at Fiverr Factory! They show you how to turn a $5 gig in a $97 customer time and again!

You can click here to see the report I’m quoting from…

As I just said, the dirty little secret is HOW those few people are making a real “INCOME” from a site that pays $4 per “gig”!

Here’s what I’ve found…

With skill and training, you can turn those little $5 Fiverr gigs into $10, $20, even up to $100 in total revenue!

How?… check out Fiver Factory. It clues you in on how to turn $5 gigs into big income and it’s faster than most ways to make money online!

I’ve purchased it myself and it’s worth every penny!

You know the real reason to go to already I suspect – Lots of Free Traffic… people willing to pay REAL money (albeit in small amounts).

PLUS… there’s no cost for Domain Names, No “SEO” required, No merchant account, no advertising cost, etc. It’s a fantastic opportunity!

But here’s what you need to know to make REAL MONEY:

  • Sell information, not work by the project. Fiver Factory will show you how to do that again and again.
  • Find hot niches, identify products that sell, and “rinse and repeat”!
  • Find ways to start making money on the “back end” so that those initial $5 sales generate $97!
  • Learn how to have multiple “gigs” bringing in money every day.

It’s the FASTEST way to start making money online… faster than affiliate marketing, faster than Kindle Publishing, and cheaper than advertising to build an email list.  Fiver Factory will show you how!

You’ll learn some of the

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The EZ Money Method Review – A Scam? – Updated!

July 26, 2012 by Chuck | 14 Comments

EZMM is relaunching their system! Click here for the latest information! Thanks for visiting! It’s now EZ Money Formula!

Before you join the EZ Money Method, please read this in-depth review designed to note the marks of common business scams and determine whether or not the “EZ Money Method” meets those criteria…

As many know, I used to spend most of my time reviewing Network Marketing or MLM opportunities.  I’ve been actively engaged online for quite a while myself.

Some considered me a “consumer advocate” or “watch dog” in the MLM field, though I’m really not that vicious! :)

Truth be told, I’d rather review something positive than continually highlight the negative. I’d prefer to be a “voice of reason” more than a “ranter” if that makes any sense.  That’s why they supposedly first familiarize bank tellers with “real currency” instead of exposing them to all the varieties of “fake” currency. (That was probably true when only the government had great printing presses and counterfeiters  didn’t have high tech scanners, but you get the idea!)

I’ve lost money and made money online as an affiliate, and make no claims to being any kind of “super affiliate” but I’m sure I’ve made more money on line that 95% of the people who have played at in.

So I believe I come to this task with some experience and that I can make a credible review of the EZ Money Method.

In that spirit, in this EZ Money Method Review, I want to discuss the “real currency” I see here and let you decide for yourself whether there’s an EZ Money Method scam going on or not.

I’ll be expanding this post over the next few days, so please revisit if your questions aren’t answered.

Don’t know what the EZ Money Method is?

To see what I’m talking about check out the EZ Money Method site for yourself…

Ok, first of all, let’s define what a “scam” is in general. Here are some common attributes of “scams”.

1. No product to sell. Like a “chain letter” or true ponzi scheme. At the end of the line, someone ends up never getting anything of actual value. They were recruited based on promises of return but, if they were the “last one in”… they got nothing and lost their money. If they were the “first one in”, they received something but it was all an illusion.

First off, the EZ Money Method is free, offers free training, offers free resources for doing business (among other things pre-written autoresponder messages), free video landing pages, free lead tracking and downline tracking, the system allows you to use their professionally written earnings and other disclaimers, and is a “track” for your business to run on.

In addition, the EZ Money Method gives you access to affiliate earnings (that result from your hard work) that are greater than most individuals starting out will ever have access to. The affiliate commissions paid to participants in the plan are astounding and a direct result of the credibility the EZ Money Method founders have with real live multi-million dollar online businesses that sell real services to real people!

Just a few years ago it was possible to join affiliate networks like Commission Junction and others, click “join” and possibly earn some money.  You can still do that, but the really amazing affiliate commissions aren’t going out to “newbies” for the most part.  Here, with EZMM, that’s different. It’s impressively different from my standpoint. But I’m getting ahead of myself. EZMM offers real products that real people are buying every day anyway! And that’s how people make money with the EZ Money Method unlike those “money games” or “ponzi schemes”.

2. Overpriced Products only distributors buy. Another question to ask yourself to determine whether a work at home opportunity is a “scam” or not is whether a real live person – other than someone hoping to profit from the business opportunity – would buy the products at the prices listed.

The other day, for instance, I was reading about a network marketing company that will remain nameless here.  Now, I may be 100% wrong. I may be able to take their weight loss product and melt into nothing overnight. But the product costs – for one person – almost as much as my monthly payment on a 2008 minivan I purchased new at 5% interest!

Along the way I saw people boasting about how much they’re making, how they get the product for “free” by signing up everyone else, blah, blah, blah.

Now there may be lots of folks who spend their free time on the Riviera who are buying this stuff without regard to the “income opportunity” but I seriously have to wonder. I don’t know for sure, so I’m not naming names. I think you get the idea of what I’m talking about.

Just ask yourself when someone wants you to sell something… “If I didn’t have the opportunity to make money from this deal, would I be willing to buy the product at this price?” 9 times out of 10, I’ll bet the answer is “no”… you’d be searching online for discounts or other options right?  I know I would!

Listen, I’ve checked out the first two (and in my mind) the MAIN products the EZ Money Method let’s you profit from… I can tell you with 110% certainty that people are buying these products EVERY DAY and paying AS MUCH OR MORE FOR THEM! And these are not cheap knock offs. These are retail products that are as good or better as their competitors!

If I mentioned “Carbonite” for online backup or “Hostgator” or “Aweber” you’d know you’re dealing with professional companies whose products people buy daily without the opportunity to earn a dime.

Now if you could market them or their competitors in the market place to create a part time income from home… would you?

If you sold one of those products, would you be selling a product people are buying anyway every day? Yes.

It almost sounds like you’d have a real business on your hands…and in fact, you would.  And nobody would ever be buying something that only had utility if they were “in the business”.

But, with EZ Money Method’s clout, you’d be earning top tier commissions on whatever you did sell and you’d be selling things real people are buying every minute of every day on their own without the lure of a commission. The fact that you can earn a commission is just a bonus.

To learn more about what they offer in this regard, check out the EZ Money Method at my link.

3. Promises of “Easy Money”. Well, ok you have me here. It is, after all, called the “Easy Money Making Method”.  No business opportunity advertises itself as “slave labor” or says “you’ll never make a dime”. At least in the advertisements. It’s in all the disclaimer’s nowadays because nobody ever earns a check sitting on their sofa watching TV.

But I must say that earning money through affiliate marketing online definitely IS “easier” than … going four years to medical school and more years of residency… it’s easier than digging ditches with a shovel… it’s easier than working on the bomb disposal squad, though perhaps not as “exciting” in the sense of the adrenaline rush.

It’s also easier because you can learn at your own pace… you can invest small sums of money to test ads… you can “bootstrap” your business up using a variety of free or low cost methods depending on your market.

It’s amazing how much assistance you can find if you’re just starting out in marketing these days in fact! Check out “” and the Advertising Gigs to see what I mean… amazing offers (you have to sort through to find the “gold” but there are some good ones there) that can help you make ads, improve ads and test ads for $5.

And this doesn’t happen all the time or even most of the time, but every so often you will run across the perfect advertising “niche” that allows you to run your ad, collect the leads, make a certain percentage of sales and end up in profit. Given the fact that you just have to monitor that system a few minutes per day, I’d think that does qualify in some sense as “easy”, doesn’t it?

Of course it’s an “easy” that comes after you’ve accomplished a job well done in finding that little niche in the first place.

But that’s one cool thing about the Easy Money Method… by having your first sale earn $50 up front, you have money to advertise while your “back end” affiliate programs like GVO “kick in” producing some residual cash that requires no advertising expense to promote.

Be assured, to get to the point where you have sales coming in daily, you WILL have to refine your current skills or learn new ones!

And you’ll have to avoid being depressed when every email lead doesn’t turn into an immediate sale (that’s why they give you 9 autoresponder messages for timed followup!).

If you want to know some real numbers (which aren’t guaranteed to work for you by the way but which are genuine), a friend of mine did the following:

  • Spent $200 in ads (facebook ads)

  • 340 clicks
  • 112 opt ins

  • 11 joined My PC

He paid $200, got $550 up front from the Easy Money Method and, by using programs EZ Money Method teaches you once you join… he made an additional $500.

Now I know we’re not international bankers or any other kind of financial geniuses here, but if you could PAY $200 and then EARN $1050 (with $75 of that being monthly residual income)… would that be a good deal?

Yes, if you could consistently do that, it would be a “good deal”.

Interested? Check it out now at the EZ Money Method link.

4. Cult like “My Way or the Highway” Mentality. One trait of scammers who really just want to suck you dry and spit you out is an exclusivist “My way or the Highway” mentality.

They don’t want you reading anyone else’ s literature, they don’t want you studying anyone else’s marketing methods, they want you to spend all your money on products and support tools with them and do everything they say until you either succeed or (more likely) have spent all your money and you finally wake up to what’s happened.

You’re tired, you’re broke, you have run up your credit cards, and you’ve alienated all your friends and family who were forced to listen to your sales pitch.

Sound familiar?

It’s creepy just to think about it.

That’s not the way it is with the EZ Money Method!

No, let’s say the “worst” happens… you advertise your link, you get hundreds of leads and then the primary product funding this thing goes out of business or gets sold to someone who doesn’t use affiliate marketers or something.  What do you have left?

Well the leads are all on YOUR autoresponder.

You have organizations in one or two other programs.


So you find another product/service and MOVE ON.

If you ran a restaurant and your grocer went out of business, you’d find another one.

Same way with this program. You keep the organization you build, you have their contact emails, you stay in touch with them… their yours.

And, along the way, you’re looking ahead and building another business or two apart from EZMM “just in case”.

There’s nobody at EZMM who’s going to worry. They’re doing this SO you can build your own business!

Still with me? What are you waiting for? Join me now in the EZ Money Method

So there we are.  I’ve spent 2000 words analyzing 4 key elements of a business opportunity scam. I’ll admit this system flirts with violating one of those criteria by talking about “easy money”. While that’s true under certain circumstances and by comparison to back breaking labor, in some other ways it’s false because – you still have to work and earn it.  You will have to put in an effort and some small investment.

Overall, it seems to me like a pretty solid situation for you to consider. That’s why I’m recommending it and why I believe it will be a good opportunity for you to consider after doing your own due diligence!

Still with me? What are you waiting for? Join me now in the EZ Money Method

Questions? Enter your email address at the link above and you’ll receive an email with my own contact email and a number you can contact me at – preferably by text!

Note: As a participant in the EZ Money Method plan, I am recommending it to others and the links here are my affiliate links. While the EZ Money Method private (and free) website has all the training necessary for success, I will of course be available for consultation by email with those who sign up through my EZ Money Method affiliate link.


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SEO on the cheap

July 25, 2012 by Chuck | 1 Comment

The best way to get organic web traffic from the search engines is to create web pages of blog posts that target a specific key word laden phrase that gets lots of searches but doesn’t have much competition.

How do you do that?

Well, you can use a tool like Micro Niche Finder (that’s an affiliate link) and do the work yourself.

Or you can “outsource” the work.

A long time friend of mine in the work at home world is Brian Lathe. He performs searches for keyword filled phrases for a very reasonable fee… $5.

You can see his offer on “ “I will give you 5+ SEO organic search traffic enhancing niche specific phrases, reach the top of Google, 50K+ monthly searches, nobody targetting for $5″

It’s a very reasonable price for identifying niches. Once you have them at hand, all you do is add an informative blog post or web page!

As I said, I’ve known Brian for a long, long time. Would you like to see a program we’re helping people get involved in that let’s complete “newbies” have the opportunity to make money online with an affiliate program that 99% of the internet users in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand are going to end up buying from someone? Here it is… click this affiliate link!

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A Simple Washing Machine Could Change Millions of Lives for the better!

July 25, 2012 by Chuck | 3 Comments

Many of us take washing machines entirely for granted.

Long gone are the days when we had to wash clothes in a large bucket or by a riverside.

That’s not true however for millions of people around the globe. By our standards, if they’re not back in the “stone ages”, they are at least no more advanced technologically than the “Beverly Hillbillies”!

That could change according to Fast Company.

Below is a video, but here’s the key elements about the project:

Their revised concept, developed on-site in the slum, is much the same as their current prototype. GiraDora is a blue bucket that conceals a spinning mechanism that washes clothes and then partially dries them. It’s operated by a foot pedal, while the user sits on the lid to stabilize the rapidly churning contents. Sitting alleviates lower-back pain associated with hand-washing clothes, and frees up the washer to pursue other tasks. It’s portable, so it can be placed nearby a water source, or even inside on a rainy day. It reduces health risks like joint problems, skin irritation, and mold inhalation. Most importantly, it uses far less water and cleans clothes faster than conventional hand-washing. This equates to more free time, explains Cabunoc, and the opportunity to “break the cycle of poverty.”

Families breaking the cycle of poverty… you’ve got to love it!

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Why Tablets Are Not Ready for Office Networks

July 20, 2012 by Chuck | 0 Comments

Why Tablets Are Not Ready for Office Networks

At their very best, a tablet is nothing more than a limited laptop. Many
tablets do not have any of the features and functionalities found on
laptops and for businesses that need more portable electronic devices,
laptops are getting increasingly smaller and lighter. Also, for businesses
that need extreme portability, such as for businesses that want to approach
prospective clients, make sales pitches and allow customers to make
transactions directly through a credit card processing app, a smart phone
is significantly more convenient. Businesses shouldn’t waste their time
contracting IT support to integrate tablets.

Tablets Slow Down Writing

Tablets are not efficient as writing tools. When a user writes on a tablet
using the stylus, the process of converting the tablet the written words
into text are not efficient. Typing is faster than writing by hand and
speaking is the fastest approach of all. There are much better ways that  IT services Los Angeles can help increase productivity.

The Stylus is Inconvenient

Another disadvantage of the tablet is that it comes with a small stylus
that can break and can also be lost easily. Staff members waste time
searching for a lost stylus and broken styluses not only cost money, but
the downtime reduces productivity.

Tablets are Primarily Multimedia Tools

Tablets do have their uses, but not necessarily for a business. They can
serve as a convenient way to watch multimedia while traveling. What’s even
worse is that the entertainment value of tablets can serve as a
distraction, since users are more able to access time-wasting activities
such as catching up on 30 Rock, which most businesses do not contract IT support for.

Tablets Aren’t Significantly Better for Graphic Designers

They are also convenient for applications where users need to draw, since
the stylus can be used to draw directly on the screen. While this might be
valuable for graphic designers, it does not have any significant utility
over a graphics tablet offered by Wacom.

Most Businesses Don’t Benefit From Them

For businesses that have integrated tablets and that are asked how they use
their tablets, the majority say that they use their tablets to check their
email or to simply access the Internet. Given that virtually any other
electronic device can be used to accomplish these same goals, there is
little reason to add tablets to the workforce and should not be integrated
by IT services Los Angeles.

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