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Garnering Income through Effective Internet Marketing: A GVO Review

November 23, 2012 by Chuck | 1 Comment

Editor’s Introduction: You know a writer is telling you the truth when he says “online marketing can never be that easy but with the right people, everything should be hassle-free.” What do you need to get started though? Check out the rest of the article below…

Internet marketing has become a trend especially now that people are hooked into the web. Many companies have found their way to success due to social media and for that other companies are trying to understand how it works. Aside from getting Internet marketing services, most companies have also invested in social media marketing through blogs and websites.

Some people do not really know what Internet marketing is. Internet marketing is the promotion of products or services through the use of Internet. Other names used for Internet marketing are online marketing, web marketing and web advertising. It does not only cover the use of blogs to connect to clients and customers. It also includes other forms of media such as email, chat, mobile-to-mobile connection and many more.

In order to have a successful website, it is important to know the basic and advanced aspects of Internet. This means knowing how it works and how it can gain traffic. Web traffic is extremely important because it gives website owners the chance to gather more income. SEO or search engine optimization is one of the hot stuffs that many companies use today in order to gain popularity thus garner more sales.

The purpose of SEO is to get a higher rank on a search engine’s results page. This means that they are the first result or most likely one of the links to appear on the first page of the search engine’s result page. Search engine optimization is done by connecting keywords into pages. The assigned keywords are those that users commonly type or search for. Whenever a user types such keywords, links containing those keywords would appear on the search engine’s result page.

Another popular way of Internet marketing is putting up banner ads. Many free hosting sites put banner ads on their pages. Through these banner ads, people who browse any of the websites that they host will also see advertisements from other sites. Once these ads are clicked, they generate more traffic thus increasing the popularity of the advertised links.

Internet marketing may sound easy but it goes with a lot of things to learn. Realistically, not all people are that good when it comes to using the Internet. For this, there are solutions offered by companies that specialize in this kind of service. For instance, GVO offers big opportunities when it comes to internet and networking as it was established by experts who have years of experience in this kind of field. Here is a short GVO review that you can read through to know more about the company.

Global Virtual Opportunities, also known as GVO was once recognized as a kiosk that boomed through years and years of research and experience. It was established by Joel Therien, an expert in Internet and network marketing who is also one of the top MLM moguls in the world. He started the company 12 years ago and teamed up with IT specialists to provide outstanding support to customers who need web hosting services.

After an inordinate length of time, he and his team were able to master the techniques in Internet marketing and started to offer full web hosting packages. These packages offer online tools that are needed by most companies when it comes to monitoring and interaction with clients and customers. They offer Titanium and the Platinum packages which are both great web hosting packages.

Many companies prefer the Titanium package as it includes 70 gigs of hosting and easy to use video producer tools for creating marketing videos which can be uploaded on the website. It also comes with an auto responder tool for customers who want to leave comments. The auto responder tool makes sure that customers do not feel left out or ignored as they get an email confirming that their feedback was received by administrators and will get back to them at a certain time.

Getting experts such as GVO to handle Internet marketing can be a good choice especially for entrepreneurs who have limited time. With GVO, companies can gather more income as more customers are able to see what products are offered without going to the store. Many customers prefer going online nowadays due to hectic work schedules. Shopping online is more convenient because anyone can access it from anywhere which is why more income is generated by companies with good websites.

After reading this GVO review, it can be inferred that online marketing can never be that easy but with the right people, everything should be hassle-free. To learn more about GVO, one can read through any GVO review where income opportunities and other benefits are also discussed. Just simply type GVO review on your search engine and you will be able to know how others skyrocketed to success through GVO. Once you have tried their service, you can also leave a GVO review to let other people know the wonderful benefits of getting them for Internet marketing.

Author Bio:

My name is Larry and I’m from the UK. I have been helping people make money online for a while now with my internet marketing blog at


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True and false myths about the Cyber Monday

November 9, 2012 by Chuck | 0 Comments

Editor’s Note: If you’ve got a website, you may be thinking of doing special promotions for “Cyber Monday”.  How do you decide what to promote? Toys? Tech products? Here’s some food for thought!

True and false myths about the Cyber Monday

Some people think that Cyber Monday is the biggest online shopping event of the year. Well, this is not actually true, because during the Christmas shopping season, people shop a lot and some of them do it right the day before Christmas. Anyway, the Cyber Monday deals 2012 is one of the most important online shopping days of the entire year, and it has become so popular that people have even created some myths and stories about this day. Let`s discover them on the list below…

1. Most people do their shopping on Cyber Monday from home

In reality, the studies and surveys show that more than 50 % of the money spent by costumers on Cyber Monday deals were registered to computers from people` s workplaces. Unlike the Black Friday, when most employers give their workers the day off, in order to be able to go at the stores and buy  discounted product, on Cyber Monday there is no need for they to do that, because this is way more advantageous and easier for the costumers.

2. Online shopping is dangerous

A recent survey shows that at least five percent of the employers in the United States have fired their employees for online shopping during work program. It is true that online shopping involves risks, too, such as being fired if you don`t respect the work program or if you make unsecured shopping, but, generally online shopping is the most advantageous way of buying the things you need, with a minimum of effort.

3. Cyber Monday is only for those who want to buy Christmas gifts

Even if the Cyber Monday does fall smack in the middle of the holidays, that doesn’t necessarily mean that its bargains need to be used only to buy gifts. About 57 percent of Americans plan to buy Christmas presents for themselves, and doing it on the Cyber Monday is, in fact, a very good decision. There are lots of products that we do not afford to buy in the rest of the year, so we take advantage of the great Cyber Monday price discounts that most retailers offer, such as Target, Kmart or Amazon Cyber Monday deals. Plus, online shopping has also a lot of advantages, such as extra discounts, coupons, free shipping and so on.

4. Cyber Monday is only for the computer geeks

It is profoundly true that the most purchased items during the Cyber Monday are computers and other gadgets, because people take advantage of the discounts, in order to be able to buy things that they don’t usually afford in the rest of the year. Surveys show the tendency of the people to shop especially laptops, Ipads, Iphones and other electronic devices, but this doesn’t means that Cyber Monday has been created only for the retailers who sell electronics. There are some other people who buy so many different stuffs on Cyber Monday, such as clothing, shoes, accessories, home products, and even food for their pets.

So, some stories are invented, and some are true. It` s you choice to believe them or not.


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My Advice For | Contest $1000 First Prize!

October 28, 2012 by Chuck | 0 Comments

Editor’s Note: I’d never heard of this company before  they contacted me and wanted me to tell you about their contest! When I checked it had some good ratings, so I thought I’d pass this along to my readers.  So give them a piece of your mind! I hope one of you wins! Here are the instructions!

“My Advice For Contest”

1st Prize: $1000 USD
2nd to 10th Prize: $100 Each, you will be offered with a preselected list of cool electronics gadgets to pick as your rewards.
Everyone else : $10 store credit(coupon)
Please choose either Facebook or Twitter to enter this contest.

1. Post your advice for to your own Facebook page
2. Write a comment to this post: with your Facebook post address (please click on the date of your post to get the address)

1. Post your advice for to your own Twitter page
2. Reply to this tweet ( ) with your tweet address
Deadline: 2012-12-31. Results will be announced on the same day.

Note: If several people offer the same advices, only the one submitted the earliest will be considered.

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How To Shut Down Fraudsters Online

October 23, 2012 by Chuck | 1 Comment

If you get those emails claiming to be a Better Business Bureau complaint against you and you want some fun, check the text and headers of the email. Invariably the link will go to some other site. At that point, don’t click the link. Just take the “domain” name.

Go to and type in the domain.

You’ll find out who the site is registered to.

The “DNS” listings show what company hosts the site.

Contact THAT company and report the domain.

Send the complete email with headers and the whois information.

This kind of fraud is for the purpose of identity theft and violates every reputable company’s terms of service!

And if you’re really peeved, see if the place this person lives takes online crimestopper tips. Then report them!

It’s good for a little fun.


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Reasons to Use SEO to Make Money from Your Website

October 19, 2012 by Chuck | 1 Comment

Editor’s Note: While “SEO” or “Search Engine Optimization” is an art as much as a science, basics of conforming your website to search engine expectations remain the same for each website. Are you doing the fundamentals well to achieve the results you want?

Reasons to Use SEO to Make Money from Your Website

Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques has increased in popularity over the past few years and website owners, internet marketers and bloggers alike are beginning to realize the benefits that SEO can bring. But why is SEO so important, and how can we make money from it?

Generate Traffic

One part of the SEO process is to use keywords and phrases in your website or blog content. If you are unsure about how to find keywords that will draw more traffic to your site, then you might want to consider working with an SEO company. They can help you select high ranking, low competition keywords for use in your content and links so that you can have more of an online presence and get more people to your site.

Boost Search Engine Ranking

Using keywords and backlinks are fast becoming some of the most successful methods of booting rankings in popular search engines. You can post links on other sites or blogs which then connect back to your site. This spider web of links is then crawled by search engine robots which identify your site as a well linked page and therefore boost your rating, making you higher up in searches.

Increase Service Visibility

When you increase your link building and keywords on your pages, you can easily make your website much more visible to potential customers and clients. Whether you are selling affiliate products or services or your own products and services, the better your visibility in search engines, the more likely new customers are to find you.

Save and Make Money

Due to an increased visibility from the use of SEO, you can also boost your earning potential online. If your website appears on the first page of Google for example, and it has been ranked by Google as a trusted site with unique content and legitimate backlinks, customers are more likely to browse your site and buy your products as you appear as a credible online presence. Using the Webfirm SEO company is also a great way of saving advertising money – writing keyword rich content can be free if you’re a good enough writer!

Network and Get New Contacts

With both blogs and websites, views can convert into sales. Not only will this boost short term earnings, but could also generate long term income with prospective clients coming back for products and services on a regular basis.

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Rich Dad, Bankrupt Dad

October 11, 2012 by Chuck | 1 Comment

Forbes notes that one of Robert Kiyosaki’s companies is declaring bankruptcy. It has assets of a few million but owes $24 million. Kiyosaki practiced what he preached however… his own wealth will not be affected. Hiding behind the protection of a corporate shield, he will cheat one of his earliest backers.

Kiyosaki’s message was that people were poor because of the way they thought and acted. If “wisdom” means shafting the people who helped you get started, then it’s better to remain a fool. As the Forbes article notes, unlike most ordinary people who declare bankruptcy because of illness or unemployment, this bankruptcy was a calculated move, not of any necessity.

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How to Make a Great Website for Your Business

October 8, 2012 by Chuck | 0 Comments

Editor’s Note: Some people make creating a website look easy. That can trick us into thinking it IS easy? Here are some things to consider…

If you want to make a great website for your business, the best thing you can do is let someone else do it for you. Unless you have design and programming experience, it is worth the money to hire a web design firm to create and implement your website for you. This makes the process less frustrating and time consuming, and in the end, you get a professional result. The key is to find a good web design firm.

The Web Design Firm

You want to find a company that is experienced, and you want to look at some of the websites they have done in the past. They should have a portfolio or a gallery on their own website, which you should also take the time to investigate. You also want a company that has a reputation for getting things done on time. In some cases, you can even contact their past clients to ask about their experience with the web design firm.

Once the Website is Completed

Once you have a working website, your work is not done. You have to continue working on the website to promote it and keep all the information up to date. So, you want to make sure that you have the web design people show you (or an employee) how to access all of the information on the site. Some web design firms will offer SEO consultancy services as well. SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, helps to promote your website and make it more popular when it comes to search engines. This helps to drive traffic to your site, which will in turn increase sales.

All businesses can benefit from a website, and you want to take the time to invest in a good web design firm to create yours. Taking the time and spending the money on a good firm will pay for itself in the long run.

I truly hope you find these tips useful! Thanks for reading and be sure to visit SEOPowerUp for quality seo services once you’re business is up and running online.


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WordPress Instructions for Beginners!

September 29, 2012 by Chuck | 2 Comments

Need WordPress Instruction?

It’s taken me quite a while to learn my way abour WordPress, but once you do, it’s a very POWERFUL CMSplatform for creating almost any kind of website… membership sites, business web sites, and – of course – “blogs”.

There’s nothing like just getting some hosting, installing a WordPress blog and “tinkering”. As long as you have plenty of time to waste on “false starts”!

Often, I’ve turned to the web to try to work through a problem only to find that the “solution” that was found related to AN EARLIER VERSION OF WORDPRESS! Because this platform is constantly updated, you really need an information resource that is up to date. Most aren’t.

I’m posting this because I’ve found something that is very reasonably priced ($17 after a $20 discount!) that I feel comfortable promoting to you. I’ve worked with Dave the creator of this product in the past and he’s always produced quality materials and this case is no different!

Here are some of the topics (see more in the image):

  • How to post to your blog via Email
  • How to Embed Twitter Tweets
  • How to Make Your Site Mobile Friendly :-)
  • How to Create Search Engine Friendly XML Sitemaps
  • How to Add Useful Widgets Onto Pages
  • How to Backup and Restore
  • How to Remove WordPress Branding.
  • How to Create a Custom WordPress 404 Page
  • How to Integrate and Install Facebook Comments

If you want great,current wordpress instruction videos, you’ll definitely want to check this out!

From what I can see of it, there’s no package of wordpress instructions for beginners that rivals these videos for up to date information on how to get started “right” with a WordPress based site!

WordPress Instructiona for Beginners



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The Cost of Advertising

September 25, 2012 by Chuck | 0 Comments

Editor’s Note: If you remember the book “Guerilla Marketing” you’ll remember this strategy. In a world where advertising is hit or miss, local ads offering great discounts to people still work. I always check my “Money Mailer” and if I had a door hanger service reaching out to me like this one here (see the image below), I’d be giving its offers the once over too, every time it came! Maybe it will work for you too! Thanks to DFW Door Hangers for being our guest small business post today!

The Cost of Advertising

Lets face it, buying advertising of any kind can be a daunting task. You don’t want to just buy any old thing, you need something that works. There are many ways to catch the attention of the customer you need. For instance, you could try PPC advertising online with google or bing and yahoo, television commercials, radio commericals, billboards – all of these are viable ways to reach your potential customer. However they all cost ALOT of money.

If you’re just a small stay at home business, or a lawn care professional, or even a small business who just doesn’t have the budget to spend hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars on advertising, then you may need advertising at the house to house level. Buy delivering fliers, or door hangers, door to door you can still reach thousands of people but at a fraction of the price.

Door hangers are a very dynamic product, you can deliver business cards, menus, fliers or your standard door hanger ad which hangs from the door knobs of homes. We need to distribute the door hangers where your target customer is most likely to live. This requires careful research, some companies like DFW Door Hangers provide this service with any single door hanger campaign. (Single door hangers are a custom advertisement featuring only your company.) After your purchase, we will dig into our databases for the data regarding the area you are interested in advertising. If you aren’t yet sure where would be best to spend your advertising dollars, we can help point you in the right direction.


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Are Online Surveys for Money a Legit Work From Home Opportunity?

September 20, 2012 by Chuck | 1 Comment

Editor’s Note: Like everything else about the online world, the field of making money from online surveys has also changed over the years. This guest post gives you some more current information that you may wish to evaluate…

When it comes opportunities for working at home you’d be hard pressed to find anything easier than surveys for money. All that’s needed is a fast internet connection and your opinion. However, that doesn’t mean that you can get rich and buy an island in Tahiti from your paid survey income. There are many, many paid survey scams out there and other thing to be aware of before you dive into paid surveys.

Avoiding Survey Enemy #1: Scams

Online Surveys for MoneyThe saying “a few bad apples spoil the bunch” applies to paid surveys. Because there are a number of phony survey panels that promise to “connect” consumers to lucrative surveys many people have completely sworn off paid surveys altogether. While there’s no doubt that you need to be careful when joining survey panels, a little common sense can help you avoid 90% of the scams running today.

Actually, as long as you never pay a dime to join a panel you’re already halfway there. Almost all paid survey scams have the same racket: ask you for a small one-time payment in exchange for exclusive surveys. However, as I learned from this post, there are many legit paid survey panels that are 100% free to join.

How to Find the Best Panels

The easiest and fastest ways to identify real panels are to read online reviews. As you may know firsthand, people that have a bad experience with something don’t hesitate to publish their venom online. So if you do find overwhelming bad reviews for a panel, it’s probably best to move on.

On the other hand, if you’re able to find a panel with positive reviews (and a good rating with the BBB), then it’s probably OK to pull the trigger ans sign up.

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