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Telephone Work From Home Works For Many

August 20, 2007 by Chuck | 4 Comments

This is a well written and well researched article on that confirms what I’ve written before but is worth the read if you’re interested in the home call center world. Again, here’s another article mentioning the $7 to $20 per hour figure for working at home with the company… if you are good with the public and can master reading a script.  As one person who was interviewed said (the pastor of a church who needed extra income) – it sure beats working at retail for $6 or $7 per hour and is completely flexible.

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Kandi Genis, of Sewickley, is rearing a teenage daughter. Anna Harrison, of Sheraden, works full time as a marketing representative. Lauran Webb, of Schenley Heights, is a retired Pittsburgh police officer.

But all three women have found the same way to make some extra cash: working from home answering telephone calls for LiveOps, a Palo-Alto, Calif.-based “virtual call center.”

LiveOps is the largest of several companies, including Alpine Access and Arise, that employ a fully at-home work force. Agents for the companies work as independent contractors and do not receive benefits, but gain the one perk missing from many out-of-the-home jobs: flexibility.

“You can work 40 hours or you can work 10,” said Ms. Genis, “and nobody is mad at you if you only want to work 10.”

Ms. Genis had worked both as a preschool teacher and in retail while her daughter was growing up, and “agonized” over the time that she was spending away from home.

So when she heard about LiveOps in December, she quickly applied. The company requires that applicants pay $30 for a background and credit check before their applications can be considered, and that they have high-speed Internet and a traditional phone line….

Read the whole article at Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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Boutique Caters To Natural Parenting & Work from Home Moms

August 20, 2007 by Chuck | 1 Comment

This is a very interesting article. For me it also documents the emergence of a strong local base of work at home moms as a growing “niche market” in a fairly rural region. At least Maine seemed to be mostly “Woods” when I was there last summer!

From Kennebec Journal (Maine Today)

Walk into Blessed Baby Boutique and enter the world of natural parenting. It is the place to go to learn about cloth diapering, “baby wearing,” breast feeding and environmentally friendly baby products made in Maine.

“I found an entire community of women dedicated to natural parenting who all work from home,” MacIsaac said.

Through word of mouth, she got in touch with area mothers making products at home but were stymied in how to develop their small businesses. The idea of the co-op was born.

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Learning To Work From Home In Knoxville TN

August 20, 2007 by Chuck | 0 Comments

Knoxville TN recently hosted a “Work From Home Job Fair” for people living all throughout East Tennessee. One dominant motive was to be able to stay home while the children were small so they could receive more attention and affection. They felt they were losing their child’s prime growing years in the corporate world.

The sad thing about this report is that it didn’t tell much about what was actually offered?

Where there companies like or even local firms recruiting potential home based reps? Where they just selling tradeshow booths to anyone with the money to rent them? Were franchise operations recruiting home based owners? That’s the kind of reporting that really was needed. I’ll see what I can find out and report back.

Don’t worry East Tennessee, another one’s due February 16th.

You can read some interviews

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Using YouTube To Break Into Professional Advertising

August 20, 2007 by Chuck | 1 Comment

The universal plea of people hoping to break into a field is “Let me prove myself!”

YouTube may be just the way to do it as this article from the Boston Business Journal shows.

Two aspiring advertising pros used YouTube and $100 in capital to produce a commercial they hoped would get them noticed.

What started as a whim is now helping the 20-somethings  get noticed.

How could YouTube enhance your business? Get your message out? Position you as an expert in your field of choice?

You can read more at Boston Business Journal

Image courtesy Boston Business Journal

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MicroLoan Default Rates On

August 18, 2007 by Chuck | 4 Comments

I enjoy loaning money through to help small businesses overseas- when it get’s paid back. That way I can keep it cycling through to help others. Once seed money is lost, it’s lost forever and won’t recycle.

I’ve got two loans that are seriously delinquent now and I learn that the organization that is the local intermediary for both these loans has over an 85% delinquency rate though technically they haven’t had a default. According to the terms of the loans they should be almost repaid by now but aren’t.  I suppose they still could be repaid, but we’ll see.

Now at least Kiva has a risk rating system and they help users estimate the likelihood of getting their money back to re-lend. You can see local intermediaries for the microloans ranked by estimated risk here.  They didn’t have this when I made these two loans.

Thankfully my other loans are doing OK it looks like.

Now these delinquencies may ultimately pay off.

Or they may not.

At least I’ll have a better idea in the future how to allocate my resources.

I still suggest lending through just recognize the risk associated with it and realize that with high risk loans, you may just consider you’re giving the money away completely.

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McDonalds Uses Word of Mouth & Viral Email now

August 18, 2007 by Chuck | 1 Comment

Here’s a great article from the Womma Blog on how McDonald’s – one of the world’s biggest advertisers is using word of mouth and viral email to promote their latest products.

Most home business operators aren’t savvy enough to emulate the viral email strategy, though it is interesting.

But many could use a viral video if it were funny and unique enough.

It helps that there are so many McDonalds restaurants to benefit. Ordinary mortals will have to put a web domain at the end of the video or in the video somehow as a placement.

What do you do to promote word of mouth advertising?

When tens of thousands of viewers watched and passed along a YouTube video depicting two Chicago-based improv comics doing a beatbox/rap about Chicken McNuggets, ad agency and WOMMA member company Arnold Worldwide prompted McDonald’s to pay attention. The genuine, organic, consumer-generated-video-turned-commercial recently ran on seven New York TV stations and helped generate enormous buzz and increase the sales of chicken nugget meals at the fast food chain. McDonald’s is also running a similarly-conceived commercial based on a YouTube submission that featured two teens singing their orders at a McDonald’s drive-through. The teens uploaded the original video to YouTube, where it generated 40,000 views and inspired the resulting commercial.

McDonald’s is currently working with Oddcast to create an avatar-based viral email campaign. At, users enter basic information about a friend or co-worker who they want to tell about the Chipotle BBQ snack wrap. This generates an email, which leads recipients to a personalized, snack-wrap-evangelizing avatar that knows just a little too much about them. According to Oddcast, people who receive emails from friends are 60-65% more likely to open them and are 30-35% more likely to pass the email along to yet another person, making this effort one that is full of viral potential.

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Woman Balances Home Business & Triplets

August 18, 2007 by Chuck | 3 Comments

Here’s another story about a mom balancing work and family life… even with triplets. Careful planning and attention to the business before the babies came made the transition to triplets “doable”.

From the Boston Globe:

Mary Beth Stevenson always assumed she would remain a full-time professional even after having children. Doug, her husband-to-be then, on the other hand, didn’t like the idea of putting their future children in day care. As they discussed their expectations before getting married, it seemed like an irresolvable conflict — until Doug suggested she start an at-home business.

“Doug’s idea was for me to get the business up and running before we even had children, so that I’d be well established once we did,” said Stevenson, a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

As fate would have it, her business, Designs of Distinction, caught on quickly, but the plans to start a family took much longer. By 2000, Stevenson had been in business for three years and had a full roster of clients for her high-end, custom-designed bedspreads, pillows, and window treatments.

And then she found out that babies were on the way at last: three of them.

Read it all at the Boston Globe

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Looking for Home Improvement Gurus For Articles

August 18, 2007 by Chuck | 1 Comment

Associated Content will be providing a collection of home improvement advice and tutorials for a major website. This is a great opportunity to get syndicated and increase your exposure.

If you have direct remodeling, design and DIY experience and an interest in writing 10-20 articles for this project, please join Associated Content today and follow the instructions in your back office.

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From Home Based Business To Franchise

August 18, 2007 by Chuck | 1 Comment

It started as a home based business move to a storefront and is becoming a franchise! Here’s Tracy Ahern’s story.


Tracy Ahern’s decision to close her home-based beauty therapy salon and open a store at Westfield Riccarton is proving worth the risk.

The Christchurch woman is now franchising her All About You business, after opening a second clinic at The Palms two years ago and one in Auckland.

“We’ve just had an offer on our Palms store and as we sell one franchise we will focus on the next one, hopefully that will be in Wellington.”

Ahern plans to sell one franchise a year, and wants to have a clinic in most of New Zealand’s big cities.

Some years ago Ahern owned a salon at the Elmwood Shopping Centre and sold it to spend more time with her four children. She established a small salon at home but that gradually got bigger. She employed staff and the neighbours started complaining about all the cars coming and going at her home.

Image courtesy & Tracy Ahern

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Skype 3.5.202 Released

August 17, 2007 by Chuck | 3 Comments

The old saying went – you need a fax machine the first time someone says “do you have a fax?” Maybe the same is true for Skype. You need it the first time someone asks if you have it.

Unless you’re on dial up of course.

Skype 3.5.202 was recently released.

Here’s what Ubberreview had to say (in part):

The new version has been billed as a major update and that is exactly what it is. The menus look and feel the same, but there have been at least three new additions. You now have the ability to capture video of yourself or the person that you are talking to, you can also share videos and transfer calls to your Skype contacts. The latter inclusion may make Skype more of a hit with small business operators, or people telecommute. Video does seem to be thoroughly integrated in Skype 3.5 as opposed to being an afterthought in Skype 3.0

There is no word on the website relating to security, but it has to be a consideration. As more and more people use Skype, you can bet that there will be more people hunting out exploits. The updates have been coming quickly and look certain to continue. The next major one should be Skype 4.0.

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