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Ace Comet Youtube Video Marketing Course Review

April 14, 2013 by Chuck | 7 Comments

After Google has slapped people around right and left every time they tweak their ranking system (and sometimes it seems simply choosing websites they love to hate that they jerk around by downgrading manually) folks have started wondering how to get better ranks on Google in ways that aren’t as subject to the next “Googlespasm”.

One way to do that is to rank well on Youtube. I have been investigating how to do this myself.

I’ve been buying “courses” and information, making some of my own videos, and testing how this works for myself. I WISH I had run across THIS dirt cheap course FIRST.


1. It works for ANY Affiliate program… Amazon, Clickbank, CPA campaigns, etc. Most of the material I’d seen before was focused on just one area… Amazon OR CPA’s etc. But if you just want to promote your site, a cause, etc. keep reading.

2. They show the system working UP FRONT before you spend a penny in the video on their sales page in just a few minutes and then a week later so that’s pretty impressive…

3. They show you sales from their Clickbank account and if you know how to read between the lines when you read sales pages, you may find some affiliate products you’d like to sell. Here’s one for instance that is handled very attractively given the internet marketing niche is so saturated.

4. I like they’re low key sales approach… they aren’t promising you’ll get rich like most of the stuff on the web…Instead they’re saying… “Spend a few bucks on this, get your feet wet, learn to make $100 a month doing this one thing and then repeat it until you’re making some decent money.”

5. They show you one of their Youtube Channels.  Most marketers start out planning to throw anonymous videos up on Youtube hoping for quick riches.  When you throw up a fairly anonymous video with an affiliate link, it’s more likely to get deleted or flagged.  In reality you have to think in terms of having a CHANNEL on Youtube, even if – at first – there’s only one video on the “channel”.

6. They are showing you how to make videos that are short but which still rank well.  You don’t have to make a “documentary” that’s hours long either… just a minute or two. So you really could be producing a “video” in under 10 minutes.

7. Though Youtube has plenty of “linkjuice” and authority on it’s own, you still have to do some backlinking. I was amazed at just ONE of the techniques these guys used to get  high PR backlinks from sites with very few “outbound links” on the page. So they can definitely give you information you can use not only for Youtube videos but really any site you’re trying to promote.

And that’s really the best thing… you can promote anything… a cause… a website… it doesn’t have to be simply an affiliate link. You can harness Youtube to bring business your way as long as you can identify related keywords people are searching for…

Want to know more… here’s the link…

Ace Comet Youtube Video Marketing Course Review

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Need Extra Cash? Earn $8-$12 Writing Articles – No Selling – No Cost.

April 6, 2013 by Chuck | 1 Comment

An online marketer I greatly respect has created a service to link article writers to folks needing articles!

If you can write solid articles, you can earn $8 to $12 per hour.

There is NO COST to join and there is nothing to sell to earn commissions.

If you’d like information on how to sign up  to earn money, I’ve created a PDF I’d like to give you.

To help spread the word, I would only ask you to

1. Click this link…

2. “Like” it on Facebook…

3. Confirm your interest when asked by Facebook.

4. All the information you need will be immediately displayed for you to sign up!

I hope it goes well, please feel free to share this with anyone who wants to make money by writing at home…

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Viral Facebook Formula Review – Can You Really Get 350 Leads Per Day on Facebook?

April 5, 2013 by Chuck | 1 Comment

Can You Really Get 350 Free Leads Per Day From Facebook?

This is my preliminary review of Kevin Sousa’s “Viral Facebook Formula”

I suppose we all know the ways that DON’T work to market on Facebook, right! :)
Such as…
Posting in groups…
Chatting up strangers… etc.
And other spamming techniques…
What does work? (Does anything work?)
I’m skeptical so I thought it was likely going to be a bunch of baloney. So I bought it myself and started checking it out.

Immediately I could see he was on to something. He showed me strategies it would be VERY EASY to overlook.  I learned alot about using facebook.

But in addition he showed me that Social Marketing on Facebook is “counter-intuitive”. There’s really no selling involved in this Facebook method… just the focused use of techniques you see being used all around you every day without even recognizing what’s going on.

The amazing thing is that you can use these strategies whether you’re doing affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, or even marketing a traditional “Brick and Mortar” Business. The techniques apply equally.

Whatever business or cause you’re promoting however, for best results you will need an autoresponder/leadcapture system. The GVO autoresponder system is the best and by using this GVO link you’ll get great web hosting, great autoresponder service, PLUS Free Credits with another powerful Facebook marketing system called “” (The campaigns at alone are worth $30 per month! They’re another great way to make your offers go viral on Facebook whether you get Kevin Sousa’s Viral Facebook Formula, but together, they can be a powerful combination!)

Anyway, whatever you’re promoting you WILL need a lead capture system of some sort.

Alternatively you could link to a blog post related to what you’re sharing.

What I also noticed from Sousa’s examples is that he is using a simple domain name that goes to a capture page… not a full blown “website” per se. This may cost you an extra $10 per year or less … but because a curious person is forced to sign up or not, the option is fairly straightforward.  As he shows, he’s received up to 350 leads per day and the goal, of course, is to have folks know, like and trust you over time in order to do business with you.

The cost – for now at least – is only $37.

This is one of the best values you’ll find for genuine Facebook marketing information that works for a variety of niches… and works as well for “professional” businesses as “network marketing”.

You can go here directly to get more information:  Viral Facebook Formula



Note: The above posts have my affiliate links and the personal service I give when you purchase through them!

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The Popularity of EgoPay among Merchants

March 25, 2013 by Chuck | 2 Comments

EgoPay is now fast becoming very popular among merchants and more people are actually signing up. This is actually an e-currency company that provides individuals with the least expensive and very convenient way for paying services that have been rendered online, as well as for purchasing goods also through the internet.

People are to be very careful always when it comes to their money, which is why they make sure that their account provided for online payments could really be trusted and this is what EgoPay actually promises to be. Since there are already many news items that have pointed out about what this company could do, it is no longer surprising to learn about many individuals who have decided to take advantage of what EgoPay has to offer.


Editor’s Note: This is a Guest Post sponsored by EgoPay. As with any opportunity or online activity, please complete your own due diligence before investing any funds.

If one is still a newbie when it comes to shopping online, it would first be important to know about what e-currency means and what benefits that you could actually get from it, which could actually become the basis why you would consider doing this convenient process even more than the traditional method of purchasing the items that you need, especially if these happen to be found only from places that are quite far and remote from your part of the globe.

For a website owner, it would surely be advantageous to have an account with EgoPay so that he could accept payments online since this would naturally be the easier and quicker process compared to the usual methods of receiving money through wire transfer or through getting it from bank accounts, which are processes that actually entail a number of risks.

The EgoPay system is actually very easy to deal and its system clearly guarantees convenience to both the payer and the recipient. This means that one does not have to experience a lot of hassles when going through the process. Opening an account is absolutely trouble-free also. Besides this, you do not have to spend a single cent in creating a new account. The verification process may take a very short time. Normally, creating an account can take longer, particularly because the verification part alone could already take more than a week to be completed.

You would surely find out that there are many payment options in EgoPay after you have already completed the process of signing for an account. However, you have to be aware also that there are certain websites that may not be allowed to conduct business here. This is because such entities may not have the credentials to carry out legal processes as required by the terms and conditions of the service that EgoPay provides. This is the reason why you must first make sure that your business is truly legitimate before you could actually sign up for an account.

As long as your business online is legitimate, there should be no reasons why you would not be able to take advantage of the many opportunities that EgoPay could offer.

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Dropbox vs Google Drive

March 24, 2013 by Chuck | 0 Comments

Editor’s Note: Which is better Google Drive or Drop Box? As we’ve just seen with Google Reader, you never know when Google will go crazy and throw something perfectly useful away. I guess Feedly  is happy! They seem to be picking up the bulk of Google’s newly evicted customers!  In the online storage area DropBox has nowhere else to go. Google? Who knows? They have money to burn! Keep reading for some other considerations.

If you work online frequently, having access to a cloud storage service can make your life a lot easier. Two of the leading services in this market are Dropbox and Google Drive. How do you know which online cloud storage service to use to fit your needs? Instead of having to rely on an IT support company to guide you toward a service, here are some factors for you to consider.


One of the factors that you have to take into consideration is how long the company has been in business. For example, when you’re looking for the best IT support Los Angeles has to offer, you want a company that has been doing business for a while. The same thing applies for a cloud storage company. Between these two, Dropbox has been in the industry longer, and they have more experience than Google. Google is a bigger company and obviously has a lot of resources behind it, but it hasn’t been dealing with cloud storage as long.

Free Storage

One of the key differences between Google Drive and Dropbox is the amount of free storage that is available. With Dropbox, you get 2GB for free when you sign up for an account. By comparison, with Google Drive, you get a maximum of 5GB of free storage. However, you can pick up additional free storage with Dropbox when you use their photo uploading service or if you refer someone else to the service. Each time you link a computer or device, you can pick up more free storage too.

Integration With Other Programs

One of the advantages that Google Drive has over Dropbox is that it allows you to utilize the files that you save on your drive in Google Apps. For instance, you can edit a document in the Google Apps word processing app.

If you’re still confused about which option to use, consult an IT support professional.
The best IT support Los Angeles has to offer will be able to look at your situation and then choose a cloud storage program that works the best for you.

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March 20, 2013 by Chuck | 2 Comments

Well, this is an internet age and in this age around 90% of total trade is done through the internet. The trade through the internet uses virtual money in the form of electronic currency. Trading through the internet is an easy and simple form of trade. However, along with the simplicity and easiness involved, there is a lot of risk involved too. If the IP address of your computer that you are using for online trading is hacked by the hackers, all your important information relating to card and account details can also be obtained.

These days you can find a number of websites through which you can send and accept payments online. You should always choose the website that provides you with the safe and secure transactions in a shorter period of time. is one of the website that provides you with all these features. The deposit and withdrawal transactions are safe as this website uses an advanced 256 bit SSL encryption provided by the Geo Trust Incorporation. By using, you can buy the goods and services over the internet, pay for the services, subscriptions and your entertainment. You can know about all the transactions through this account as a proper record is maintained in your [EgoPay] e-wallet. You can easily use its services by giving the minimal charges that are different for the personal and business accounts.

Holding an account over here is not a big deal and anyone with the age above then eighteen years can open an account. The only thing you require for opening up an account in this website is the citizenship of a particular country and you should always keep in mind that the electronic currencies used over here are only the Euros and US Dollars.

A number of people across the world have registered their accounts over and they are taking the benefits of awesome services. So, if you also wish to have an account over a reliable website that takes a short period of time for the transactions, then is definitely the best choice for you.

Editor’s Note: This is a Guest Post sponsored by EgoPay. As with any opportunity or online activity, please complete your own due diligence before investing any funds.

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Your local MSP can be a Great Source of Optimizing Your IT Project

March 19, 2013 by Chuck | 2 Comments

Information technology (IT) is a very important component of many organizations in the business world today. Moreover, most businesses depend to some degree on computer technology to complete numerous core business operations on a daily basis. Without the use of computer technology, many things that are taken for granted in most businesses today would not be possible or at least very difficult without the use of modern computer

As businesses continue to implement new technology into their daily operations, some businesses find themselves in situations where they do not have the IT staff to handle the amount or variety of IT services that are needed within organizations. As a solution, some businesses have started to utilize a local managed services provider (MSP) to assist with daily IT operations.

A managed services provider typically manages a specific set of services for their clients. The services provided can be requested directly by the client or suggested by the MSP. In addition, the level of expertise displayed by many local MSPs regarding the services they provide is usually very high.

Moreover, for many businesses, developing and implementing new IT projects can be very challenging. This is one reason why local managed services providers have become a great resource for numerous businesses concerning current or future IT projects. In most instances, MSPs can provide all the services needed to successfully plan and budget IT projects. In addition, for businesses, there are several advantages to using a MSP to plan and budget IT projects such as access to IT expertise, access to specific IT metrics, and a set IT service fee.

Computer technology has become an integral part of most businesses, and IT support is a popular alternative to using in-house staff to complete IT projects. In the New York area, IT support Los Angeles provides a variety of IT support related services to assist local businesses. Moreover, the need for IT help has increased significantly in the business world, and IT support Los Angeles is  a proven resource that has helped many businesses.

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Can You Really Earn 200% Commissions? Scam?

March 16, 2013 by Chuck | 0 Comments

It must be something in the air.

I’m hearing more and more marketers promote their program by saying “I only promote programs that pay 200%, 300%, or 500% commission!”

  • I saw one marketer selling a $10 a month MLM product that paid a $100 commission bonus when 5 sales were made in one week. He called that a 200% commission!
  • I  heard a bunch of other folks telling how when you collected $40 for a $20 per month membership program and you were paid $80 commissions. They called that a 200% commission!
  • I even saw another marketer selling a $6.95 per month digital product that paid a $50 bonus. He called that a 700% commission!

The newbies drool and go “WOW!”

More experienced marketers who should know better just keep repeating the same stuff…

But let’s take a deep breath for a minute…

What’s going on here?

Is it a scam or just numerical ignorance?

Maybe a little of both but technically it might not a full blown scam. In fact at least 2 of the above three programs represented (maybe all three, the jury’s still out on one for me) are decent to good programs… they just have lousy promoters putting out too much spin.

So if it’s not a complete scam (it depends on the program and product after all), at best, it preys on the ignorance and gullibility of our prospects and ask them to believe something that’s not completely true. And the problem is that such exaggerations can always come back to bite someone in a delicate place!

Let me ask you.

Can ANY program really pay you more than 100% of what they take in?


So what are these promoters talking about?

Notice this…

-Each program is either a digital product bundle or membership with a recurring fee.

-Digital and membership products with recurring fees that don’t have “hard costs” like the gold in a coin or the vitamins in a nutritional supplement have more freedom to advance commissions based on the expected life of a customer.

-Each product is a monthly subscription package designed to be in force for months or, hopefully, years.

If the $10 per month package is in effect all year it takes in $120 per account.

If they are paying out a $100 bonus for the sale of 5 accounts ($600 expected annual revenue), it’s because they are DARN sure that REAL accounts will stay on the books long enough for them to get their money back.

What Per Cent is $100 from $600?

It isn’t 200%!

It’s really 17%.

And I know this particular package has other bonus levels. You can be darn sure the math’s about the same. Companies don’t say in business that operate at a loss and paying 200% commissions is what… A loss! DOH!

What about the membership plan where reps collect $40 and get paid $80? Surely that’s a 200% commission.


Read the fine print (as much as you can find anyway…)

The product costs $20 per month or $240 per year.

In reality though if the customer cancels short of 18 months, the rep owes back part of that $80!

Over 18 months, the $80 paid is about 22%!

You see it’s an ADVANCED COMMISSION based (like the first one) on the reality that most folks stay with the plan. That assumption in this case came from selling the plan privately to a specific industry and HOPING the numbers are the same for the general public. If memberships lapse, I could never quite get the story about what would happen then.

That last product is another digital service with a monthly fee. Their affiliate manager said they expect a customer to stay with them, on average, 5 years and buy other service upgrades too.

Over 5 years, $6.95 = $417. A $50 finders fee seemed reasonable to them. Of course if the service lapses in 30 days, no fee.

Even if customers hang on a year, $50 is only 60% of the total revenue.

So what do you think of those 200% 300% or even 700% commissions now?

Our fist impression is that it’s hard to compete with a 200% commission program. Indeed it would be if such a thing were possible.

On the other hand ADVANCED COMMISSIONS are ok as long we we recognize the TRUTH about what’s going on and let our prospects understand the truth.

We want to create business owners and business builders, not mere drones who believe whatever lie we tell them today.

After a while, you see, the misrepresentations come back to haunt us and the people we considered “drones” to be duped become the rightly dissatisfied customers who realize what’s going on and cause our businesses to implode!


Extra: Want to market a solid bundle of online marketing services that every internet marketer needs and make a decent commission? Join my email list and I’ll tell you how! Check this out… (My affiliate link)



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Benefits of Electronic Currencies

March 16, 2013 by Chuck | 0 Comments

In recent times, as a result largely of the increase in e-commerce globally, there has been a corresponding rise in the use of e-currencies. These kind of payment gateways or facilities are not only essential for the operation of any online shop or store, but also for modern living, where the need to transfer funds quickly, safely and securely is much more commonplace. Some payment gateways are better known than others, but the number of available options is increasing all the time. One of the more recent additions to this group is .

So, why would you choose EgoPay for your online payment facility in preference to an alternative? What specific benefits does it offer?
First and foremost, the most important thing when considering any kind of online payment system is to ensure that it is totally secure and safe for use. EgoPay ticks all the boxes here, meaning you can use it with complete confidence.

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of EgoPay is its simplicity of use. There are no complicated instructions or procedures to follow to sign up, and you can be up and running in no time at all.

Opening an account with EgoPay is free and it allows you to both make and receive payments virtually instantly, with no waiting for clearance of funds, unlike in days gone by when you often had to wait several days, if not longer, for payments to be processed. It can be used for a variety of transactions from business to personal, and the use of the E-wallet system makes keeping track of your online transactions straightforward.

Editor’s Note: This is a Guest Post sponsored by EgoPay. As with any opportunity or online activity, please complete your own due diligence before investing any funds.

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Windows 8 Does not Need to be Difficult

March 15, 2013 by Chuck | 3 Comments

Editor’s Note: When I saw the title “Windows 8 doesn’t need to be difficult” I thought… It’s Microsoft, of course it does! But this topic is important because many businesses chose to continue using Windows XP. Unfortunately support for that operating system is ENDING this year and upgrades of some sort will be crucial. If you do not anticipate this basic question, upgrading your software to Windows 8 could cause quite a bit of turmoil! So please check out this information below to avoid as many hassles as possible! Reprinted with permission per it’s terms of use from IT Consultants.

Where’s the Start Menu?!

Windows 8 is Microsoft’s newest operating system. Windows 8 is full of exciting new features and an arguably innovative new interface. Things seem to be proceeding normally until the calls start pouring in to the IT Consulting desk. Among the usual, “How do I  _____” type questions that come with learning any new operating system, “What happened to the start menu?!” seems to be the most prevalent question.

The Issue

Many businesses are beginning to upgrade from previous versions of the Microsoft Windows Operating system or purchasing new computers with Microsoft Windows 8 pre-installed. The new interface for Windows 8 has caused additional support issues for IT Support San Diego professionals. Users often find themselves uncomfortable once they realize that the familiar Windows Start Menu is no longer available.

How to Get the Start Menu Back

In order to make Windows 8 more familiar and easier to use, a start menu replacement application can be installed. Various programs now exist, which can vary in functionality. Start menu replacement software varies from a very basic start button with access to installed programs — to the more elaborate start menu replacements, some of which have several advanced features. It is up to IT Consulting to assist the user with finding the start menu replacement program that is the most helpful for them.

A Few Start Menu Replacement Programs

IT Support San Diego professionals can choose from various examples of popular Start Menu replacement programs. A couple of such enhancement programs are StartMenu8, which can be downloaded from, and Pokki, which can be downloaded from

Both choices offer Start Menu functionality with various features. There are also several other options available which range in price from free to just a few dollars, depending on the functionality and features are needed.

Familiar Again

It can often be difficult for an IT Consulting professional to provide support for a new  operating system. It can be even more difficult when the new operating system is vastly different from what users are accustomed to using. With one of several start menu replacement programs, users can go back to a more familiar Windows Desktop experience.

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