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  • Need Extra Cash? Earn $8-$12 Writing Articles – No Selling – No Cost.

    An online marketer I greatly respect has created a service to link article writers to folks needing articles! If you can write solid articles, you can earn $8 to $12 per hour. There is NO COST to join and there is nothing to sell to earn commissions. If you’d like information on how to sign [...]

  • Could Your Resume Be Killing Your Chances?

    Recently I made a personal transition. For about 11 years I worked with people trying to enter or re-enter the job market. These folks had severe disadvantages: either they were “youth” with no experience, felons with criminal experience or were people who’d worked in one location sometimes as long as 30 years who had sometimes [...]

  • First Independently Published Author to Join the Amazon Kindle Million Club

    John Locke is the first independently published author to join the Amazon Kindle Million Club Amazon announced today in their Kindle Publishing Newsletter. John Locke is the newest member of the “Kindle Million Club,” and the first independently published author to receive this distinction.  As of June 19th, John Locke has sold 1,010,370 Kindle books [...]

  • Retired Professor Adds $816.96 To His Pension By Writing

    Here’s a how a retired professor (also named “Chuck” coincidentally) added $816.96 per month to his pension by writing on Hub Pages. I know there are people earning much more because they focus more on the mechanics of keyword research instead of just winging it… and they usually also (with Hub Pages Terms of Service) [...]

  • Are You Ready For Article Marketing?

    If you’re interested in Article marketing, I suggest you learn from the expert: Sara Young’s “Easy Paycheck Formula”. As I said yesterday in the post about making $100 per day on Hub Pages, if you follow the success principles enunciated in these Hub success stories and then add some VERY basic article marketing strategies, I [...]

  • Can You Make $100 Per Day On Hub Pages?

    I have already suggested that you check out these Success Stories at Hub Pages and Join. From my stats, I know that most of you haven’t done that. But that’s ok, I know that only a few really WANT success. The rest just talk and moan. Here’s an article I wanted to pass along to [...]

  • Love to Write? Make Extra Money with

    If you want to make money by writing, I just came across this site. lets you write for people who need unique content for websites, reports, etc. The site connects people seeking content with writers, especially US based writers. Text Broker has a fee schedule based on the quality level at which you write… [...]

  • Profiles of Successful Hub Pages Earners

    In addition to reading the “Official” Hub Page Success Stories I like to find other hubs devoted to explaining the methods of successful Hub Page earners. Here are some I’ve enjoyed reading: Analysis of a Successful Hubber: Nelle Hoxie. Nelle says she is an affiliate for 1,000 merchants but evidently Amazon is one of her [...]

  • Easy Paycheck Formula Review

    This is a review of Sara Young’s “Easy Paycheck Formula” I like the information contained and so have decided to RECOMMEND the package and use an affiliate link. My main negative about “Easy Paycheck Formula” is the word “Easy” in the title. The word “easy” has about a million possible meanings to people. What makes [...]

  • How Quickly Can You Earn Money On HubPages?

    I’ve been blogging about making money by writing articles at HubPages recently… it’s a new found fixation, one of my experimental phases I pass along to you. At least I didn’t charge you for it! Here’s the simple answer… I’ve had several people sign up from my HubPages links. 1 out of 5 on average actually [...]