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  • How to Make Money with

    I haven’t paid ANY attention to and that’s a big mistake because they have become something of a “micropreneur” hotspot in their short time online. One amazing fact about the site is that when they conducted an online survey of 5000 users, 14% said that they earned their primary income from the site already! [...]

  • Find Attorney Employment from Home?

    “The times, they are a-changin’” sums up the new reality facing attorneys as well as being the title of Bob Dylan’s third album. By that I mean having a law degree is no guarantee of “full employment”. In other words, even graduating from a top notch lawshool doesn’t guarantee one will make the immediate transition [...]

  • Enter to win 50GB of free storage for “life” from Drop Box!

    If you’re like many work at home people… you LOVE having “cloud storage”. That means you can access your data from ANYWHERE … from your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. It’s SO convenient and usually much more secure. Like me, you probably hate PAYING FOR IT! Drop Box is one of the leading cloud storage [...]

  • Policy Center Examines Nashville Home Business & Small Business Regulations

    In the past I blogged on this topic: Nashville, TN – Home-based businesses take hit from Metro Council. Today the “Beacon Center” (formerly the Tennessee Center for Policy Research – a libertarian leaning organization) published it’s own report on how the regulatory situation in Nashville “Music City” is stifling entrepreneurship of folks who either would [...]

  • Could a Blog Help Your Home Business Stay Productive?

    Guest post by Dee Mason Home businesses are a tempting venture for a lot of people. They offer a level of freedom and flexibility that other forms of employment simply cannot match; but with a home business also comes many unique responsibilities that need to be tackled in their own unique way. For example, when [...]

  • Hiring Virtual Assistants Saved His Business

    “Virtual Assistant” is the new title for folks with administrative and other paraprofessional skills who work from home. If you’re thinking of trying to earn extra money that way, consider this article from a business person who claims “Hiring Virtual Assistants Saved My Business”. It will give you  new insight into what YOU, as a [...]

  • Convergys hiring for on-site, work-at-home jobs in Clarksville, TN (USA)

    If you’re interested in working from home doing call center work, here’s a job listing I ran across today… While there are work at home positions, they seem to be focusing their recruiting on folks living in the general vicinity around Clarksville, TN Please do your own due diligence of course. Convergys hiring for on-site, [...]

  • = Beautiful Laws And A New Way To Make Money From Home

    The internet is an amazing tool for bringing people together to accomplish a task. Now it’s possible to use the NET to help people achieve the landscape design they want at a price they want WITHOUT being limited by the skills of a local landscape designer. Most of the time, I’ll wager, people assume that [...]

  • Why Work At Home – A Philosophical Reason

    Why do we doggedly persist in working at home or working for ourselves when we could “just get a job”? Well, that assumes there ARE jobs out there worth having. In this recession, they are fewer and fewer, but even if you had one, why would you still have your own business “on the side”? [...]

  • Finding Work At Home Non Profit Jobs –

    Sometimes people who are planning their careers think that working or a non profit organization means low pay and benefits. That may be true if you’re  working or some organizations but there are many nonprofit jobs that pay a respectable income and have good benefits. Some very well paid people are working for organizations devoted [...]