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  • Diversifying Home Based Consultant Income with Specialty Salesforce Training

    Home based consultants can make a decent part time or full time income if they have a good client base. In the age of the “part time gig”, many people will see their need to obtain “consultant fees” increase to make a good living. While consultants are hired to train “soft skills” like customer service [...]

  • What About Online Medical Transcription Courses?

    This is a piece of email I received thanks to my Squidoo lense on Home Medical Trancription. I thought a number of my readers here might have a similar question and want to know my answer. Pat Boutilier wrote: I’m an LPN looking to change careers–can you get adequate training from on-line courses? I am [...]

  • Small Local Home Business Fights For Operating Permit

    The Wilson NC online paper documents the struggle of a small, home based computer business to avoid thousands of dollars in fees to comply with local ordinances – even though they don’t seem to apply in this case. Even worse, big “store front” businesses enjoy an exemption to the same rule. If the bureaucrats [...]

  • “Smoke Alert – Save A Life, Make A Profit” Unique Home Business Education!

    Skip Rosell has unveiled his new course “Smoke Alert – Save A Life, Make A Profit” Let me tell you why I eagerly await any new information emanating from the pen (or keyboard) of Skip Rosell. Skip is NOT one of those “one shot wonders” promoting the latest greatest whiz bang deal… I remember some [...]

  • Marketplace For Entrepreneurs in Fargo, ND January 17,2007

    The Marketplace For Entrepreneurs is coming to the Fargo Dome on January 17th, 2007. The Marketplace offers participants a variety of workshops and exhibits relating to starting a business, entrepreneurship, finding funding and inventions. You can download their 2006 Resource Directory here for free.

  • Teachers Wanted To Teach Computers To Children

    I’ve noticed this opportunity growing wherever there are preschools… teachers coming in and teaching computer operations to preschoolers. Whether they go by the name “computer tots” or “gigglebytes” the people they recruit to work for them are paid $10 to $16 per hour so that means someone is making a good deal more. Maybe you [...]

  • Attention Tennessee Entrepreneurs

    This just came to my attention for people in Tennessee or the adjacent states. If you live in or near one of these cities, I’d like to tell you about an excellent opportunity. Memphis Livingston Chattanooga This company offers an exclusive territory, provides the latest high tech equipment at NO COST to you and has [...]

  • How To Get Paid To Drive No Out Of Pocket Fee!

    I know you can buy programs that tell you how to get paid to drive, but I ran across this website the other day so I thought I’d tell you – for free – about a company that helps people get paid $50 to $750 per month (they say) to drive around major advertising markets. [...]

  • Using Photos To Create Back End Profit Streams For Mary Kay (MLM)

    The other day I mentioned Steve Shulenski’s Antique photo business. I was telling my wife about it and she let me know about a friend of hers who did something similiar… She was already doing well in Mary Kay selling cosmetics and creating a downline, but she found another way to create regular customers for [...]

  • Making Money With Antique Photos

    Steve Shulenski moved to the the outback a few years back hoping to escape America’s rat race and live his dream. In the States, he’d worked for a photo company but decided he could earn more working for himself, so when he landed in Oz, that’s what he worked on. What most people don’t know [...]