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  • Diversifying Home Based Consultant Income with Specialty Salesforce Training

    Home based consultants can make a decent part time or full time income if they have a good client base. In the age of the “part time gig”, many people will see their need to obtain “consultant fees” increase to make a good living. While consultants are hired to train “soft skills” like customer service [...]

  • Mutually Beneficial Home Business Networks

    The industrial model of the big corporation, factory, etc. base their success on two basic elements 1. The division of labor that allows individuals to specialize in areas of their strength and 2. Economies of scale that allow overhead costs to be minimized For that reason, except in very small “niche markets” home production is [...]

  • CourierPost: Work At Home Culture Thrives In Medford Lakes

    The South Jersey Courier Post notes that a Work At Home Culture Thrives In Medford Lakes It interests me greatly because it makes me wonder if the ability to work at home will recreate small, walkable towns or districts like this one. This is double the national rate for working at home. Could entrepreneurship like [...]

  • Fort Scott Kansas – Cigna Lays Off Some and allows others to Work At Home

    From KOAMTV: Layoffs are always painful. CIGNA had an insurance claims processing center that had to consolidate. Some workers did lose their employment. Others had the opportunity to keep their job and actually work at home for the insurance giant.

  • Top 10 Part Time Jobs From Home

    Here’s a great article from AOL and Careerbuilder. I’d add resume writer too! Here they are: 1. Tutor 2. Babysitter 3. Wedding/Party Planner 4. Answering Service 5. Scheduler 6. Medical Biller 7. Freelance Writer 8. Caterer 9. Desktop Publisher 10. Fundraiser Read it all Related Link: Simple Reports can help you make money from home [...]

  • Biz Resource: Website Grader

    If you’re looking for some free hints about how to improve your website but  are afraid you’ll just get a sales pitch, try this service. It doesn’t mean you DON’T need professional help, but it will give you a second opinion and/or some guidance possibly about the most effective ways to start getting that help [...]

  • Thursday May 15th UK National Work from Home Day

    Thursday May 15th marks the 3rd UK National Work from Home Day From TMCnet National Work from Home Day is organised by Work Wise UK, a national not-for-profit initiative to promote “smarter” working practices – such as flexible, remote and mobile working, and working from home. It aims to give half the working population, some [...]

  • Cognigen and Commission River Complete Merger

    Commission River and Cognigen have completed their merger and have exciting plans for the coming year! There’s a screenshot of the new website that will be available to agent. New technology will be rolled out for the sales force in 2008. * brand new “” web site * brand new Agent Back Office * revamped [...]

  • Home Day Care Business Ordered To Close

    Most states allow a person to provide day care to a limited number of children before requiring licensing, etc. According to their neighbors these folks crossed the line in their home business! In this case the neighborhood association thought their property covenants superseded state and local law in the matter.  The homeowner didn’t agree in [...]

  • ApSense Social Networking For Home Business Exceeds 20,000 Members!

    A while back I told you about Apsense, the social networking forum for Home Based Businesses. We are very proud to announce that our business social network is now home to over 20,000 business owners & affiliates. Not many websites have accomplished what we have in such a short period of time. We would like [...]