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  • WordPress Instructions for Beginners!

    Need WordPress Instruction? It’s taken me quite a while to learn my way abour WordPress, but once you do, it’s a very POWERFUL CMSplatform for creating almost any kind of website… membership sites, business web sites, and – of course – “blogs”. There’s nothing like just getting some hosting, installing a WordPress blog and “tinkering”. [...]

  • Video: Use Facebook Pages To Beat The Competition

    It’s at Startup Nation… good video: Face it. Facebook is hot. But is your business using it effectively? How can you best engage with your audience through your company’s Facebook Page? Learn a variety of perspectives on how you should be getting the most out of your Facebook Business Page from our expert Braintrust panel… [...]

  • Post Videos To Make Money Online!

    Yes, you can make money writing online. It gets wearisome after a while. But some people just can’t write… putting together two words on a screen is a near impossibility for them. It comes across like … well like Chewbacca the Wookie trying to make sense. Here’s a guy who did something else. He made [...]

  • YouTube Can Turn Around Your Business

    A $50 Million Dollar Failure found it’s turn around thanks to You Tube Orabrush had spent lots of money ($50 Million) on the informercials and other advertising with minimal results. A humorous YouTube video made all the difference and now the product – a toungue brush to stop bad breath – is finally making a come [...]

  • 211,657 amazing visitors to my site – from a 6 word poll?

    Most of us would dearly love to get 211,657 visitors to our site in a year. But what if a 6 word poll could start an avalanche  of visitors to your site? Could it be possible for you? I don’t know. But you may want to check out this video and see if it could [...]

  • Traffic Secrets How to get more traffic to your site (fast)

    What are the “Traffic Secrets” that keep you from getting the customers you need for your business? Here’s a video (or perhaps more than one by the time you arrive) that talks about how to get more traffic to your site fast. Be sure to turn up the speakers before you start so you don’t [...]

  • Info Product Killer Review (IPK) – Junk or Pure Gold?

    Note: The bonus offer is no longer available for this product. Keep Reading to find out about a special Free Bonus worth $250 for people who purchase Info Product Killer through this blog! Check out ALL my Info Product Killer Review articles… See my update below… If you’re a regular reader, you KNOW I don’t [...]

  • Have You Taken The Entrepreneurial Pledge? Video

    Have You Taken The Entrepreneurial Pledge? Whether you’re building a work at home business or a factory, this is a worthwhile video to watch. It reminds us that by creating an ethical business, we are creating social capital by virtue of operating a business. After all, business is about providing value and efficiency to others. [...]

  • Video Tutorial: Getting SEO Link Juice

    Need help getting to the top of Google? It’s no secret that high value links can get you to the top of Google quickly and help you stay there. So how can you get this important links? Markus Allen has created a free video tutorial to assist you with this task. SEO Link Juice – [...]

  • Turning Off “Related Videos” on YouTube

    If you’re embedding a YouTube video on your blog or website for any reason, you may NOT want Youtube to serve up what they consider “related” videos. You really have no way of knowing what they’ll consider “related”. So what do you do? Youtube has the answer: Basically, at BOTH instances in the embed code [...]