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  • How To Exploit 7 Free Traffic Sources That Turn $7 Into $4,549 Over and Over

    How To Exploit 7 Free Traffic Sources That Turn $7 Into $4,549 Over and Over My friends just put the final touches on a NEW niche marketing system that allows anyone to bank between $1,479 and $4,549 … …using your worst selling, half-baked info product (or Kindle book) and 7 FREE traffic sources. They were [...]

  • Your local MSP can be a Great Source of Optimizing Your IT Project

    Information technology (IT) is a very important component of many organizations in the business world today. Moreover, most businesses depend to some degree on computer technology to complete numerous core business operations on a daily basis. Without the use of computer technology, many things that are taken for granted in most businesses today would not be possible or at least [...]

  • The Seinfeld Calendar! A Productivity Tool…

    Editor’s Note: This is courtesy of Ryan at I’ve seen this concept at work myself with a pedometer. Checking my steps is rather addictive at times. I’m sure this would be too! You may know comedian, Jerry Seinfeld, as a comic genius, but did you also know he was a productivity expert too? One [...]

  • UK’s VouchersStock Offers Online Savings and Discounts

    “Couponing” is all the rage these days… why pay full price when you can search online for a discount or promotional code? And why use a search engine to find old, outdated codes when you can look for those discount vouchers in one, convenient location for UK consumers. offers an amazing variety of discount [...]

  • Back To The Drawing Board For Creating Viral Facebook Pics

    Ok, I talked to someone who has DONE  lots of viral facebook pics. She must be doing something right. Her fan page has about 400,000 followers. My last effort here… had print that was too small. She suggested a famous quote, a picture, and bigger print. So here’s what I came up with… It’s pretty [...]

  • How To Make Money From Writing – Free Tutorial

    Markus Allen is at it again. He decided to do a free teleseminar on “How to Make Money From Writing” and it’s definitely  worth checking out. Here’s what you’ll get… first you can listen (without signing up for anything, giving your email, or committing your firstborn child) to the teleseminar. I like to read stuff so [...]

  • New Work At Home Agent positions in Cape Girardeau Area (SE Missouri)

    National Asset Recovery Services is adding at least 100 new positions to its Cape Girardeau staff, Chris Buehrle, founder of NARS, announced Tuesday. NARS is a third party collection agency, but if you’re interested in a possible call center or work at home position in SE Missiouri, you might check it out. The majority of [...]

  • 12 Strangest Tax Laws in the US

    Here’s a slideshow on what they call the 12 Craziest Tax Laws. 1. On Maine Wild Blueberrys 2. Hawaii’s Exceptional Tree Tax Deduction 3. Maryland’s “Toilet Flush Tax” 4. Oregon’s $50/year Tax Credit – for certified loss of use of two limbs (is it so that tax preparation fees won’t cost you “an arm and [...]

  • Can You Really Make 6 Figures In 60 Days? Free Webinar

    Can You Really Make 6 Figures In 60 Days? I’ll let YOU decide. Here’s the link! 6 Figures in 60 Days Here’s what I do know. I live in a very small rural area. This doesn’t work locally here. I’d have to travel an hour or two to make it work. With my other commitments, [...]

  • How To Make Money From $7 Reports – Even When You Give Away the $7!

    It sounds sort of insane. You get into business to make money, you assemble a valuable report, you offer to sell it for $7 and then you give away the $7. Is that insane or what? If that’s “crazy” to you, upon examination you might find it’s really “Crazy like a fox!” By “giving away” [...]