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  • Work At Home Entrepreneurs Cashing In On Carbonite Cloud Backup Market CARB‎ – Carbonite Inc (NASDAQ)‎

    When Carbonite Inc (CARB NASDAQ)‎ came to the market, it paid talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh lavish advertising fees. Work at Home Entrepreneurs wishing to market the service were paid a paltry $3 per customer referral fee. Thankfully that has changed with work at home entrepreneurs now being able to market cloud backup services with a [...]

  • Workers of the World – Sell!

    As the “Occupy Wall Street” crowd denounces “capitalism”, its supporters are selling hundreds of goods on ebay already to profit from the movement! 1,200 ‘Occupy Wall St.’ Products For Sale On eBay – To Help You Fight Capitalism How ironic! If you look around enough, you can find them on Cafe Press too! Hey, it [...]

  • 7 Businesses That May Collapse If The USPS Dies

    The impending implosion of the USPS may have severe ripple effects… especially for home business people. If you’re making your money selling on Ebay,, or Amazon… the demise of the USPS could leave you looking for work. Or at least raise your shipping costs immensely which then could leave you looking for work. Network [...]

  • Microsoft Tracks Telework Trends

    Worth reading… Microsoft Tracks Telework Trends Here’s the heart of the article that I want to comment on: Employees can save about $6,500 a year by teleworking from home just one day per week. Workers are also more productive when they telework, often clocking in longer hours in exchange for avoiding that grueling commute. In [...]

  • Getting By Without The Middle Class – New York Times

    The New York Times notes that both Big Business and Big Government seems to have resigned itself to Getting By Without The Middle Class. In the “Capitalism” my parents knew, employees were considered “stakeholders”… now in today’s “Shareholder Capitalism” where only corporate executives and shareholders matter, employees are liabilities to be eliminated. As long as [...]

  • Involuntary Entrepreneurship Grows!

    Most people who become entrepreneurs do so because they have a vision. Here’s another reason though… because they have to create their own jobs just to make ends meet. Call it Involuntary Entrepreneurship I had a friend who once said “‘ Consultant’ is what you put on your resume when you don’t have a job!” [...]

  • A Business Lesson From The Skype Outage

    If your business is sitting at home in your pajamas writing HubPages (more power to you if it is), yesterday’s Skype outage was at worst an inconvenience. If, however, your business involves active contact with customers and colleagues over the Skype platform, you could have lost real money… Lost product sales Lost billable hours Unhappy customers Incomplete [...]

  • The Homebrew Industrial Revolution: A Low-Overhead Manifesto Kevin Carson – Part 1

    I’ve receive permission from the author – Kevin Carson – to serialize a small section of his book on Home Based Businesses. You can read all his work here: The Homebrew Industrial Revolution: A Low-Overhead Manifesto Kevin Carson (Amazon link) Systemic reasons people find starting a business hard or impossible… and why self-employment in the use [...]

  • Homeland Security Seizes Websites

    “Domain Squatting” is when someone takes a domain name for a trademarked item. The idea was – or is – to have the owner of the trademarked term purchase it at big bucks. More likely they’ll have a corporate lawyer try to get you to cease and desist. Or maybe there’s a new tactic now… [...]

  • Where Did All The Small Businesses Go?

    As I mentioned in my post, the Importance of Your Home Business, in recent years the number of self employed people has been drastically slashed  by 50%. Why? Barry Lynn , senior fellow at the New America Foundation and the author of “Cornered: The New Monopoly Capitalism and the Economics of Destruction”, notes that this has [...]