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  • Why Windows Tablets Are Not Ready for Office Network

    Editor’s note: While many work at home folks use tablets to conduct business, as the business grows, such tablets, including the Windows Tablet may not be what is needed for professional IT purposes or teleworking. Tablets have become a popular and novel idea for home users. However, there are numerous issues that preclude Windows tablets [...]

  • Temporary Copywriter – Proof Reader Wanted | Rosetta Stone

    This is a Temporary position,  but it might be something you want on your resume: Apply here: Temporary Copywriter – Proof Reader Wanted | Rosetta Stone Copywriter/Proofreader (temporary position) :: Remote position This position holds numerous responsibilities in the Creative Services department. As both a copywriter and proofreader, time management and organization are critical elements [...]

  • Sales Executive Position for a Telephone Answering Service

    Note: Please do your own due diligence. I saw it on Craigslist and am just passing it along…. Sales Executive Position for a Telephone Answering Service Our Live Virtual Receptionist Service helps businesses stay connected with their customers via Telephone, E-Mail or Chat. We help businesses enhance their customer service, increase productivity and save money [...]

  • VIPDesk Seeks Workers For BlueFly

    I just found out about this, so I’m passing it on: Company: VIPDesk hiring for BlueFly account Position:Customer Service / Inside Sales for Bluefly Job Specific Information: Work from the comfort of your home office. This position does require legal residency in one of the following states: Alaska, Colorado, Delaware, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New [...]

  • Top Nations For Broadband

    Increasingly the key to working at home for many people is the availability of broadband access. Cisco has produced their 3rd annual report on the topic and the US is far from number one. In fact, we’re not even in the Top 10 (we’re #15). The results are based on a variety of factors: Quality was [...]

  • Can Telecommuting Ruin Your Career?

    Futurity’s article Can telecommuting put the brakes on a career? is worth reading because it cites an actual study (not merely anecdotal griping) In a pair of studies—one involving in-depth interviews with office workers and another using a behavioral experiment—Elsbach and colleagues found that being present at the workplace gives an employee an important edge. [...]

  • 7 Items That Employers Want To See On A Telecommuting Resume

    Web Worker Daily had a good article on 7 Items That Employers Want To See On A Telecommuting Resume In a word: Prior experience.  They want to know you know how to work remotely. Self-direction. Can you really guide yourself on a project? Can you prove it? Great communication. Technical skills. Knowing the company specific [...]

  • Obama to Expand Federal Telework Measures

    The Federal Times reports that President Elect Obama promises to expand Federal Telework options among all the other things he’s promising. If you read the content of the article, every thing he’s promising – except perhaps the teleworking – will require additional revenue in the form of taxes.

  • Telework Update: Chippewa Falls Man Has The Drive To Work From Home

    Chippewa Falls Man Has The Drive To Work From Home Read it at Chippewa Falls, WI & It’s 75 miles from Chippewa Falls to St. Paul Minnesota. Thankfully this man only has to make the long commute once per week. The rest of the time he’s teleworking. So does his wife… Both work in [...]

  • Omaha Companies Increase Local Telecommuting Hires

    There are more telecommuters being hired in Omaha, Nebraska according to KETV 7 Companies mentioned in the report: Convergys Corporation Alpine Access Working Solutions