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  • Dropbox vs Google Drive

    Editor’s Note: Which is better Google Drive or Drop Box? As we’ve just seen with Google Reader, you never know when Google will go crazy and throw something perfectly useful away. I guess Feedly  is happy! They seem to be picking up the bulk of Google’s newly evicted customers!  In the online storage area DropBox [...]

  • Windows 8 Does not Need to be Difficult

    Editor’s Note: When I saw the title “Windows 8 doesn’t need to be difficult” I thought… It’s Microsoft, of course it does! But this topic is important because many businesses chose to continue using Windows XP. Unfortunately support for that operating system is ENDING this year and upgrades of some sort will be crucial. If [...]

  • Potential Downsides to Using SaaS Solutions

    Although many businesses today can benefit from Service as a Software with substantial cost savings and lower initial upfront investment, SaaS must still be approached with caution. This is especially true for companies that are leery about third-party management of their proprietary information. Any type of cloud computing mechanism always has the potential to increase [...]

  • 12 Incredible Apps That Need To Be On Your iPhone!

    The Atlas is cool, but see them ALL here: 12 Incredible Apps That Need To Be On Your iPhone!

  • How To Convert A PDF To Kindle Format On Mac OS

    Note: This offer has been withdrawn… 3/19/2013 Editor’s Note: The Kindle is an amazing tool. Unfortunately reading PDF files is often a frustrating exercise even with the new Kindle Paperwhite. If you have a Mac and are looking for options to make your Kindle a better tool for reading PDF files, this may be the [...]

  • Social Engineering And Physical Data Security

    Social Engineering And Physical Data Security Most people imagine hackers as mysterious figures pounding away at keyboards in dark rooms as IT personnel fight them back from across the internet. The truth is far more frightening. Most major security breaches are the result of social engineering hacks where criminals call or email people, sometimes even [...]

  • Kindle Fire HD for Home Business?

    Here’s a crazy question I have. Does anyone have a Kindle Fire HD they’re using predominantly in their home business? How is it stacking up to what you used previously? Are there good apps you recommend for home business use? Please let us know with a comment! Source: via Chuck on Pinterest

  • Common IT Department Workarounds

    Editor’s Note: 24/7 Tech Support is vitally important! I’ve been working all weekend trying to resolve an IT problem connected with a “one man operation”… normally the response is super quick but he must be on vacation and the delay has been driving me and one particular customer NUTS for 24 hours! Technology is an [...]

  • Why Windows Tablets Are Not Ready for Office Network

    Editor’s note: While many work at home folks use tablets to conduct business, as the business grows, such tablets, including the Windows Tablet may not be what is needed for professional IT purposes or teleworking. Tablets have become a popular and novel idea for home users. However, there are numerous issues that preclude Windows tablets [...]

  • The Beauty of IT Planning

    IT planning and overhead cost projections are often not considered in a fully-integrated manner; in today’s business world, however, the cost of IT products and software is as important as the physical infrastructure of a company’s office space. Careful planning and realistic projections can help a company gain an advantage over its competitors. A company’s [...]