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  • Homes For Sale In Phoenix – Case Study

    Real Estate… is building a portfolio of homes for sale a viable strategy? There are no hard and fast rules about the prospect for developing real estate. Each housing market varies based on the local economy. Let’s consider a case study: Homes for sale in Phoenix. Though things are indeed “down” most places nationwide, the [...]

  • 7 Towns Where Land Is Free

    Do you have an income that isn’t tied to your location? You telecommute or have an internet business? If you could find the right parcel of free land, could you save oodles and create an instant nest egg moving somewhere cheap? Of course you need to make sure you have HiSpeed Internet Access of course, [...]

  • Anatomy of a Real Estate Crash

    Right now with everything in the pits, everybody is an expert at spotting when a real estate bubble has “burst”! The problem is seeing what’s going on when things seem “good”. Here’s a web page I ran across that documents – historically – common denominators of real estate bubbles. It’s an analysis of The Great [...]

  • American Residential Law Group Update

    The economy is still going through it’s convulsions. Are you in danger of foreclosure? The American Residential Law Group is available to help you with a free consultation if you are in financial need. As their name suggests they specialize in areas such as foreclosure prevention, foreclosure litigation, and overall consumer rights. They have to [...]

  • Big Risks, Rewards In Home Flipping

    Since we’re not selling “get rich in real estate” courses here, we can tell you the upside AND the downside. To be sure, the concept is valid. You buy a home with leverage, possibly do some simple upgrades, and sell the home. Your actual investment is the “downpayment” and your profit is the difference in [...]

  • This Form of Adverse Possession Is Not A Viable Business Plan

    “Adverse Possession” is a vaild legal concept. If some property is truly abandoned and one takes possession and pays the taxes, there are legal provisions that could let you own that property. But when someone hasn’t abandoned the property, attempts at adverse possession are just GRAND THEFT. So don’t be duped into trying something that [...]

  • In Case Your Real Estate Strategy Involves Rent To Own

    Of course, most real estate books these days seem to promote “flipping”… you buy with leverage, you fix it up, you sell at a profit and pocket the profits. If you thought you could buy, fix up, and in a pinch let people rent to own, you may want to check this out. I was [...]

  • Kauai Real Estate

    In these days, people still think of Hawaii as something of a “paradise” and folks on the mainland wonder if that state’s real estate market has taken a dive. The fact is that Kauai Real Estate – like the market in general – has “softened”. Real estate investors who had hoped to see appreciation continue [...]

  • Webinar: 2010 State of the Union for Real Estate Investors

    Here is a  webinar you may find of interest if your “thing” is real estate investing! Here are just a few FACTS about the current state of the U.S. and California real estate markets: 1)    ONE out of every THREE mortgages in the U.S. is “underwater”.  That means that 1/3 of all homeowners and investors in the [...]

  • Find A Discounted Bank Owned Home –

    When times are tough and homes foreclose, one person’s tragedy can become another person’s opportunity for either a personal home, or, possibly an investment property. The trick is to find a reliable source listings that aren’t rehashed and out of date. There’s a new site that offers nationwide listings of Bank Owned Homes if you’re [...]