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  • What Kind of Web Pages Constitute Spam for Google?

    Internet marketers desperately want to get their pages indexed by Google and, in turn, get traffic and sales. To do that the first step is to have a web page that Google doesn’t consider SPAM. Thankfully Google at least gives some insight as to what they manually remove from their index.  I’ll let you see [...]

  • Advertise your business for free with IM Guru Jon Leger

    It’s not every day that an internet marketing expert allows complete strangers to put their advertisements on one of his websites without charging anything. But if you’re looking for a place to advertise your business for free that is actually WORTH SOMETHING, then this is an opportunity you’ll definitely consider checking out. With 16 Years experience [...]

  • Keyword Snatcher 2.0 Review – Is it a Scam?

    This is a review of the NEW Keyword Snatcher 2.0! It also answers the question “is this a scam?” Formerly a piece of software resident on your computer, version 2.0 is a web based tool that lets you pay ONE TIME and use the tool (and any updated versions) indefinitely for as many searches as [...]

  • Ace Comet Youtube Video Marketing Course Review

    After Google has slapped people around right and left every time they tweak their ranking system (and sometimes it seems simply choosing websites they love to hate that they jerk around by downgrading manually) folks have started wondering how to get better ranks on Google in ways that aren’t as subject to the next “Googlespasm”. [...]

  • The Popularity of EgoPay among Merchants

    EgoPay is now fast becoming very popular among merchants and more people are actually signing up. This is actually an e-currency company that provides individuals with the least expensive and very convenient way for paying services that have been rendered online, as well as for purchasing goods also through the internet. People are to be [...]


    Well, this is an internet age and in this age around 90% of total trade is done through the internet. The trade through the internet uses virtual money in the form of electronic currency. Trading through the internet is an easy and simple form of trade. However, along with the simplicity and easiness involved, there [...]

  • Benefits of Electronic Currencies

    In recent times, as a result largely of the increase in e-commerce globally, there has been a corresponding rise in the use of e-currencies. These kind of payment gateways or facilities are not only essential for the operation of any online shop or store, but also for modern living, where the need to transfer funds [...]

  • All Inclusive Ads Review – A Scam?

    Like every other online business person, I’m always looking for good and reasonably priced online advertising outlets. Recently I came across people promoting All Inclusive Ads and was impressed by it’s concept. Obviously lots of people are asking for more information to review All Inclusive Ads and, invariably, whether All Inclusive Ads is a scam? [...]

  • Accept Payments Online Securely and Simply

    Consumers around the world conduct millions of online transactions every day. There are estimated to be over a billion online shoppers spending money in electronic stores, so having a simple and secure way to make and accept payments online is more important than ever. The best way to accept payments is with your own online [...]

  • Pure Leverage Pre Launch Review – A Scam?

    This is a review of the “Pure Leverage” marketing platform. Is Pure Leverage a “scam”? Good question. To determine that remember a genuine scam must meet several criteria: 1. A Scam, of course, offers an inferior product or an ordinary product at an exorbitant price. 2. A Scam offers a product that only participants in [...]