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  • The Cost of Advertising

    Editor’s Note: If you remember the book “Guerilla Marketing” you’ll remember this strategy. In a world where advertising is hit or miss, local ads offering great discounts to people still work. I always check my “Money Mailer” and if I had a door hanger service reaching out to me like this one here (see the [...]

  • Baker Forced to Make 102,000 Cupcakes for Grouponers

    Many small businesses are asking if Groupon is “a good deal”. Well, the answer is possibly! You have to determine several things first: 1. What the average value of a repeat or lifetime customer is. 2. Whether the customer you obtain from an advertising source would otherwise patronize your business. 3. Whether you have a [...]

  • How One Line in My Email Signature Gets Me More High-Paying Clients and More Time With My Family

    If someone told you that by adding ONE LINE to your email signature you could get higher and better paying clients, what line would you think that would be? Choose one: 1. “24 hour turn around on most projects!” 2. “Instant price quotes!” 3. “Unlimited lifetime product support!” 4. “Our prices are unbeatable!” 5. “Office [...]

  • Top 10 Telephone Tips to Make Your Radio Talk Show Pay Off – Joe Sabah

    Joe Sabah is an expert on marketing through Talk Radio interviews. Here are some tips to maximize your ability to sell on your radio interviews. Don’t know how to get them? I recommend his information course. I’ve purchased it myself. It’s not an affiliate link… just a “testimonial”. I’m on radio monthly. I love it! [...]

  • Are Promotional Marketing Items Part Of Your Marketing Mix?

    Would you business benefit from using promotional items?  That is hard to measure. I know that locally businesses routinely use promotional items…  coffee mugs at local restaurants with promotional advertising on them. Even many government agencies provide people with a custom promotional pen to get themselves “noticed”. But does it work to generate business or just [...]

  • 5 Ways to Make Money Online Without Your Own Website in 2011

    On the Internet you can find numerous ways to make money online without a website. Below are types of online program that you can join without having any website. 1.Online Surveys The idea of online survey is that you will be given a survey that has to be completed by you to earn money. This [...]

  • 6 Ways To Market On FourSquare Without A Location

    I saw this on Mashable: 6 Ways To Market On FourSquare Without A Location. It strikes me most home businesses will consider Four Square a “non-starter” as far as their business. They don’t want people coming to their house… and usually zoning restrictions prohibit that! But don’t worry, you can still use FourSquare for marketing [...]

  • La Bella Baskets Representative builds network through targeted advertising

    Home business people are constantly looking for ways to promote their business. Here’s how one home based business used a website to advertise their home business opportunity: La Bella Baskets Representative builds network through exposure on La Bella Baskets offers income from the direct sale of gift baskets (retail) but also provides income through [...]

  • When Advertising Backfires – Groupon Case Study

    You’re not an entrepreneur if you don’t – at least once in a while – lay awake at night dreaming of the time when an advertising campaign, a product, or project takes off so well that you finally have a BUSINESS and not just  DREAM! I remember one time I ran a financial ad that [...]

  • Getting Past No When You Ask For Business

    This is a great post from Ramit Sethi’s “Earn Your First $1,000 Freelancing” course. It’s called “Getting Past No” It starts with a great observation – know who you DON’T want to do business with. If you can find out whom you relate to naturally, that can make you more money than wasting your efforts [...]