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  • A Valuable Lesson From Some Odd Fellows

    The other day I was driving through the countryside and saw this sign in the “middle of nowhere”… It said “Odd Fellows Hall Church of Christ”.  A church had, at one time, started in an “Odd Fellows Hall” in what once was a thriving community. I’m not going to talk about churches, I’m interested in [...]

  • Business Offers A Helping Hand And Opportunity

    From Dane’s Blog The concept behind Seniors Helping Seniors is quite simple. The seniors that receive help are also benefiting from the companionship they receive from someone near their own age. The seniors that offer their help are not only assisting someone in need but giving support to a senior that needs a little friendship [...]

  • Special YouTube Ads Earn Nonprofit $10,000 In A Single Day

    This article interested me because I am heavily involved in the non profit sector in my town. It occurred to me that someone could conceivably be working at home as part of a NON PROFIT entity and still be earning a living, except like most businesses, that kind of entity can get donations. So check [...]

  • Can Home Based Business Cooperatives Thrive?

    Usually the problem with work at home businesses is isolation, lack of resources, inability to achieve “economies of scale”,etc. Yesterday, someone lead me to check out this entry at Wikipedia on the Mondragon Corporation. It’s like no “corporation” you’re used to hearing about. Started in 1956 with 5 employee owners, in under 50 years, quite [...]

  • Have You Taken The Entrepreneurial Pledge? Video

    Have You Taken The Entrepreneurial Pledge? Whether you’re building a work at home business or a factory, this is a worthwhile video to watch. It reminds us that by creating an ethical business, we are creating social capital by virtue of operating a business. After all, business is about providing value and efficiency to others. [...]

  • Success Made Simple Why Amish Businesses Thrive

    As I was doing some reading, I cam across this book… Success Made Simple: An Inside Look at Why Amish Businesses Thrive. I always enjoy visiting different Amish communities whether they’ve been in Tennessee, Ohio, or Pennsylvania. I enjoy seeing Amish culture where families work together. For the most part the Amish work at home, [...]

  • Buying Local and the Institute for Local Self Reliance

    According to Joe Mullich who writes for American Express’,the Institute for Local Self-Reliance found that local retailers in areas with strong buy local or think local campaigns increased sales by an average of 3 percent during the holidays. That’s nearly three times greater than areas without such campaigns. Businesses use a variety of approaches [...]

  • Why Capitalists Need To Embrace Social Entrepreneurship

    Here’s an interesting blog post: Why Capitalists Need To Embrace Social Entrepreneurship As I understand it, social entrepreneurship means using the entrepreneurial creativity one would use for personal profit in a venture designed to benefit others or fund a particular venture that has social good as the primary aim while maintaining it’s ability to sustain [...]

  • Giving the Gift of Entrepreneurship Instead of Dependency

    On Christmas, our minds turn to gift giving… this is a very charitable season in the US and many give to alleviate the suffering of the poor. It’s a good time to read “When Helping Hurts: Alleviating Poverty without Hurting the Poor” by 2 experts in the field. But much well intended giving – by [...]

  • Group Accountability For Entrepreneurial Success

    In America, entrepreneurship is usually an individualistic event… “me against the world”. But in other places, people pull together to pull themselves out of grinding poverty. How? They form groups that borrow capital and hold one another accountable to repay the capital. I was reminded of this fact from the Kiva email below. But I [...]