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  • Medical Insurance That Worked – Before the Government Fixed It

    Self Employed and Work at Home people have a major need to protect themselves in the event they get sick. Depending on your health plan, sometimes it can cost up to 33% of your effective salary (or more!) . In other words, your earnings are $30,000 but your health insurance (before deductibles, etc.) costs $10,000 [...]

  • provides Reviews and Ratings Comparison for Doctors, Hospitals

    If you’re concerned about skyrocketing health care costs, your most important concern is to get the most value for each dollar spent. Until now, that was basically impossible. Individuals and small businesses could not get reliable comparison information on doctors and hospitals to make reliable choices. But that is changing. Finally is coming on [...]

  • Comparing Health Care Costs

    When “doing the math” to see if you’ll be ahead financially to “work at home”, one of the calculations is health care cost. Regular family health insurance requires to you to incorporate and then have about $15,000 per year for family coverage. To make the transition, many people are choosing high deductible plans that cover [...]

  • Some Loopholes Exist For Health Care Reform

    Many businesses are VERY concerned about the “Health Care Reform”. One local business person talked about the simple equation business owners with 50 employees are doing in their heads right now… if this legislation is not amended, they will pay the $2000 per employee fine and cancel their health insurance programs. Individuals are left with [...]

  • How’s Your Health In The New Year?

    Would it be OK if I asked you a question? How’s your health this year? I’ve got to say I thought my immune system was doing pretty good, but this last 4 weeks has send me for a loop. It started with a cough, lots of antibiotics, and now has ended with a stomach bug. [...]

  • Keeping Toned While Working At Home

    The Workshifting Fitness Routine offers some ideas to keep toned while working at home on for the holidays. I could have used this reminder last night. My favorite holiday cookie comes with a Hershey’s chocolate kiss on top. I could have used 2 instead of, well, you get the idea. I am amazed at the [...]

  • Over The Counter Natural Cures – Review

    I just purchased this book “Over the Counter Natural Cures” by Shane Ellison a few days ago. My mother saw it and immediately “commandeered” the book. She then instructed me to order two more and gave my one of those copies! She refused to let the original come back to me! She’d made too many [...]

  • What To Do With the Flu When You Work At Home

    While my wife was typing today through a bout of some bug, she remarked “The problem with self employment is that you have no paid sick days and no paid time off! You have to work if you’re sick.” Yes, that’s certainly true. I have been suffering the same bug except yesterday a fever developed. [...]

  • Back2Yourself – Self Treatment for Back Pain

    Back2Yourself has asked me to write about their service and they sponsored this post. I was very interested to do this however because I STRONGLY BELIEVE in what they’re doing. As I work at home on computer, I’ve had to really concentrate on undoing the damage these postures have done to me. That’s why I [...]

  • Wal Mart Supports Health Care Mandate

    Wal Mart has come out in support of a health care bill mandating coverage. This employer is not exactly known for offering generous health benefits… most workers don’t seem to qualify given they have so many part time workers. But this employer IS known for crushing their competition in every known way. My guess is [...]