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  • 15 Reasons Why You Need To Work At A Start Up

    15 Reasons Why You Need To Work At A Start Up One reason is that in large corporate structures one’s path is often times hindered with red tape. However, when there’s only 10-15 people on payroll, you will be given significantly more chances to prove yourself. Imagine getting hired for your first job, and immediately [...]

  • Work at Home Business Stats (Infographic)

    Here are some interesting statistics on home based business in America: Click here to start a home based business… Stats of interest: A Home Based Business starts every 12 seconds 38 Million home based businesses 70% of Home Based businesses succeed after 3 years vs 30% of traditional “brick and mortar” businesses. 44% of Home [...]

  • Home Business Facts

    Here are some interesting home business facts! Did you know many home business owners don’t take their home business deduction because it’s just too darn complicated and may trigger an audit? Click here to Join My Online Marketing Team! Source: NFIB Direct Link  

  • The need for a competitive structured settlement marketplace

    Editor’s Note: Structured Settlements are a way of compensating people for damages from things like an auto accident or other event resulting in a court ordered or voluntary settlement. The “structured” element refers to the pattern of payments made in such a way as to fit the particular needs of the recipient.They are periodic payments [...]

  • Tempted to Quit? How To Think In Such Situations…

    Ok, you’ve decided to start making money online… you dip your toe in somewhere…you spend money on one course or another, maybe alot of money,… you try some things, spend more money, and maybe you make some money and maybe – at best – you break even. Or maybe it’s worse. You’re in the negative. [...]

  • Enter to win 50GB of free storage for “life” from Drop Box!

    If you’re like many work at home people… you LOVE having “cloud storage”. That means you can access your data from ANYWHERE … from your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. It’s SO convenient and usually much more secure. Like me, you probably hate PAYING FOR IT! Drop Box is one of the leading cloud storage [...]

  • What To Do If Your Accounts Get Hacked

    What do you do if you are working with a vendor that requires you to give your social security number to get paid and then they tell you they’ve been hacked? This happened to hundreds of bloggers working through They received an email announcing the fact. Many had their funds depleted with money sent [...]

  • So True of Business … Dilbert Hits It Again

    Business has become less and less about providing value and service for the money and more and more about getting everyone else (especially the tax payer) to cover your mistakes and fund your overhead.

  • Homes For Sale In Phoenix – Case Study

    Real Estate… is building a portfolio of homes for sale a viable strategy? There are no hard and fast rules about the prospect for developing real estate. Each housing market varies based on the local economy. Let’s consider a case study: Homes for sale in Phoenix. Though things are indeed “down” most places nationwide, the [...]

  • Secure Your Passwords Instantly – It’s Easier Than You Thought

    Lifehacker has an amazing article that everyone with a password should read…Why Multi-word Phrases Make for More Secure Passwords Than Incomprehensible Gibberish Security expert Thomas Baekdal argues that these incomprehensible passwords—while secure—are not as secure as a more memorable and simple phrase. In other words, this is fun is a more secure password than s$yK0d*p!r3l09ls It’s certainly [...]