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  • Compliance with Federal Regulations costs business $1.75 Trillion Annually

    As the Fiscal Times reports today, which we already knew but need constant reminding of, Government regulation kills business. Here’s part of the insanity that I wasn’t aware of: Case in point:  The Environmental Protection Agency classifies milk as an oil because of its animal fat content. It therefore subjects dairy producers to the same costly [...]

  • Classic Book: Flight From The City – an experiment in creative living on the land (1933)

    How viable is it to produce the things you consume at home? How about producing things that are commonly considered to be “manufactured” items? Are economies of scale really beyond the home business person’s grasp? What is the biggest “cost” of doing business that could be eliminated in many cases? All these questions are considered [...]

  • Start A Home Based Food Business

    “Start A Home Based Food Business” is a title I ran across at Amazon recently and I thought I’d comment on it. Of course the main start up cost is the capital investment of a professional kitchen space that will pass local health ordinances. It might cost $10,000 but it may be more or less [...]

  • Family Farms Go Organic To Survive & Thrive

    Family Farms are moving to organic production and more direct sales techniques to increase their revenues. Local family farming operations go organic In central Illinois, folks are fairly accustomed to seeing cattle grazing in the fields, but the Bowmans are one of a few area farm families who are raising their cows differently these days. [...]

  • Food And Drug Administration Raids Amish Farm

    Of interest to those whose home business relates to family farming… From the The National Independent Consumers and Farmers Association reports that agents of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) at 9:40 a.m. on 4 February 2010, ignored “No Trespassing” signs, and drove up to a barn on Amish farmer Dan Allgyer’s property in Kinzers, Pennsylvania, near Lancaster, [...]

  • Whole Foods Offers Local Producer Loan Program

    If you are a “Family Farm”, Whole Foods offers a Local Producer Loan Program! If you’re a “Family Farm” or Small Business, you may not only find the  money you need to expand, you may find the marketplace to help you expand! Whole Foods Market’s Local Producer Loan Program (LPLP) provides up to $10 million [...]

  • Your Gardening Hobby Can Make You Money

    There’s a sudden interest in gardening these days… and as a result people are wondering if they can turn their gardening aspirations into a gardening business. Perhaps you can relate to this. Probably one of the most enjoyable thing for gardeners is watching new plants grow. I love it when one of my plants I [...]

  • The Modern Homestead site by Bob Senz

    Is part of your home business dream to be work from home on a small family homestead? Then you may want to check out the resources at The Modern Homestead site! I was just looking for some information on how to build a greenhouse (a cheap one!) when I ran across Bob Senz’ article on [...]

  • It’s Time To Think About Your Garden …

    Yes, it’s time to think about your garden. Where I live people are tilling space for their gardens right now. I’m planning to go out and clean up my square foot gardening boxes with their “special mix” of ingredients. Where I live, it’s time to consider setting out onion sets right now… and thinking about [...]

  • “SWAT” Team Raids Home Based Co-Op – Over Silly Licensing Issue

    Ohio must be the state for Government crazies these days. “Joe the Plumber” was the first to get the as yet lightly punished police state treatment after he dared question the Presidential candidate Obama, and now this a home based co-op is raided by heavy hande, black clad dolts with weapons raised – over a [...]