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  • WordPress Instructions for Beginners!

    Need WordPress Instruction? It’s taken me quite a while to learn my way abour WordPress, but once you do, it’s a very POWERFUL CMSplatform for creating almost any kind of website… membership sites, business web sites, and – of course – “blogs”. There’s nothing like just getting some hosting, installing a WordPress blog and “tinkering”. [...]

  • Avoiding Bad Checks by Michelle Dunn

    Editor’s Note: When you open a home based business, you have a natural tendency to want to do things the “friendly way” and accept checks from folks and do business “on a handshake”… That is until you meet the first person who gladly  shakes your hand and looks you straight in the eye and then [...]

  • Beware Your Catchy Motto – Case Study

    It’s that time of the month when I pay my cell phone bill… and, to me, it’s a whopper: a couple hundred bucks for talking minutes and data plans for our smart phones. When I have gone to pay online the last few months, I’ve noticed AT&T’s catchy phrase that pops up frequently as the [...]

  • Opportunity Missed

    I guess when you hear this story, you’ll think “I hate it when that happens!” The entrepreneur who missed this opportunity will live to see it destroy his core business it seems. From Dane’s Blog Netflix to Blockbuster: told you so. In 2000, Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings flew down to Dallas to meet with then [...]

  • The Beekeeper Next Door

    From Dane’s Blog: The New York Times reports that Mike Barrett does not have much of a yard at his two-story row house in Astoria, Queens. But that fact has not kept him from his new hobby of beekeeping — he put the hive on his roof. When it was harvest time this fall, he [...]

  • Here’s a Kindle Publishing Coup You Can Imitate

    I’ve talked before about being a Kindle Publisher (affiliate link) and highly recommend it for making long term sales revenue. But here’s how one person is cashing in via Kindle on some current news. Warning, this is controversial. I’m not suggesting you copy it (though you could). But I’m suggesting you recognize how currently “HOT” news can [...]

  • Can TV Show You How To Make Money In Your Spare Time? Storage Wars

    Have you heard about the new TV show Storage Wars? It’s a “reality show” that is about people who bid on the contents of storage buildings whose owners have defaulted. You hear about this from time to time in the news when someone doesn’t pay their monthly fee and some “missing husband” turns up. The [...]

  • Karen Comer – My Experience In Home Business

    Chuck’s Note: Karen Comer operates She posted her experience as a comment but I am reposting it for otheres to see. I worked for nearly three years from home doing eBay, back in the beginning when you could sell a bag of Florida sand for a profit. Everything sold, things were out on the [...]

  • YouTube Can Turn Around Your Business

    A $50 Million Dollar Failure found it’s turn around thanks to You Tube Orabrush had spent lots of money ($50 Million) on the informercials and other advertising with minimal results. A humorous YouTube video made all the difference and now the product – a toungue brush to stop bad breath – is finally making a come [...]

  • When Advertising Backfires – Groupon Case Study

    You’re not an entrepreneur if you don’t – at least once in a while – lay awake at night dreaming of the time when an advertising campaign, a product, or project takes off so well that you finally have a BUSINESS and not just  DREAM! I remember one time I ran a financial ad that [...]