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  • Open Letter To Jeff Bezos from Danny Sullivan

    Amazon strikes again! They terminate every affiliate in a state that requires Amazon to collect sales tax… He makes a good point, most bloggers won’t go back and delete the Amazon links. They’ll likely refer uncompensated business for years… this is just another form of corporate theft from big business that’s able to “get away” [...]

  • First Independently Published Author to Join the Amazon Kindle Million Club

    John Locke is the first independently published author to join the Amazon Kindle Million Club Amazon announced today in their Kindle Publishing Newsletter. John Locke is the newest member of the “Kindle Million Club,” and the first independently published author to receive this distinction.  As of June 19th, John Locke has sold 1,010,370 Kindle books [...]

  • How to make $100,000 with an Amazon Kindle Book

    This isn’t an affiliate link, it’s a real article and I agree completely that it is possible: How to make $100,000 with an Amazon Kindle Book …with a $9.99 Kindle download price, the author sees $6.98 in revenue (Kindle Direct Publishing has a 70/30 revenue split in most major territories, including the United States. Amazon [...]

  • New Revenue Source for Amazon Associates

    Amazon Associates are being greeted with this email: Greetings from the Amazon Associates Program: Amazon Product Ads is a targeted cost-per-click advertising program which allows online retailers to drive traffic from to products sold on their own website. As an Amazon Associate, you can now earn up to $155 in advertising fees for each [...]

  • Amazon Terminates Illinois Affiliates

    Rather than collect and remit state sales tax for Illinois purchases, Amazon has terminated all their Illinois affiliates. As Dan Frommer notes: In theory, the law was supposed to benefit mom-and-pop local businesses, who may be threatened by ecommerce sites like Amazon. But as Amazon points out, in reality, the law benefiting the national big-box [...]

  • How to Write an Amazon Sales Hub and Sell Amazon Items

    I found a very informative hub called: How to Write an Amazon Sales Hub and Sell Amazon Items Amazon is a major source of affiliate revenue on Hub Pages, so it pays to know how to do this correctly. I’ve been telling you how much I’m enjoying HubPages, but I wanted you to get started [...]

  • Amazon Affiliates Can Sell Without Charge For One Month

    If you’re an Amazon Associate, you have probably seen this.  But if you’re not, just signing up could get you a free month of selling your merchandise on That may be a good deal for you… Just FYI Dear Amazon Associate:As we head into the holiday season, we wanted to offer you a special [...]

  • Publishing Your Own Book – Kindle Doubles Royalties For Publishers

    If you’re interested in publishing your own book now is the time to get into  Kindle Publishing. I’ve loved Kindle Publishing for quite some time.  They sell the book and then the electronically transfer money into my account every month. Originally Kindle sales paid you, the publisher, a 35% commission off the sales price. Because [...]

  • Weber On Amazon Pricing Policies – Anticompetitive?

    Bookselling expert Steve Weber writes about Amazon’s “Price Parity” policy. Frankly I didn’t know this … but it might be a way to save money on purchases by buying directly if you trust the merchant. Personally, I go through for the guarantee. Many booksellers add 15 percent to their regular prices when selling on [...]

  • What’s Selling At Kindle? Top 100 Paid and Unpaid Books

    Here’s’s list of the Top 100 paid and unpaid books selling on Kindle I like to watch this because I’m a Kindle Publisher. I’m seeking to know just what kind of book I could write or commission that would sell well. You see, I know from my own monthly reports that one title can [...]