A “Plug In” Home Business!

July 30, 2012 by Chuck | 0 Comments

Once you find out about this product designed for rural Uganda, you will probably want one for yourself and your own home business!

In Uganda, someone with this solar panel and charging ports can make/save $50 per month… quite a sum there. Using LED or other electric lights, they can increase their safety (fewer fires) by not using kerosene lanterns. And they can earn income by setting up a “phone charging” station in some place you’d otherwise be unable to charge your phone.

It’s a “plug in home business”!

Here’s Good magazine on the product:

Their ReadySet charging kit is proving popular in the U.S. because it has all the plugs we want for our iPads, laptops, lanterns and such—two USB plugs and two car charger ports, no proprietary plugs. It’s not all that different from similar solar power kits. Though this one can also be bike powered or grid powered (which is useful for inconsistent grid situations). It’s designed for the most basic needs: a minimum of light for studying at night, phone charging, to replace dangerous kerosene used for light.

In the US, campers of all people have taken to the device… but I wouldn’t mind having one myself. Since it can be charged by bicycle power,otherwise sedentary office dwellers could use it to cycle and charge their phones. That has my name written all over it!

Here’s the fundraising for a new version at Kickstarter:

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