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March 29, 2012 by Chuck | 2 Comments is a great website for keeping track of many different opportunities in the marketplace today. Some are Small Business Opportunities expecting the owner to have a dedicated office space or service vehicle (s) to home based businesses which can be done online. Whether tax preparation is your ideal biz op, or – believe it or not – “Darts” , there should be something for everyone here.  If you haven’t been actively seeking business opportunities for several years, it pays to take look at the available offerings now. It’s amazing the variety and new faces in the mix… and it allows you to see who has survived the financial downturn. That in itself may be helpful for choosing an opportunity.

Many folks visiting this site are interested in Starting a Small Business. has a number of resources to help with that. You can see their start up guide for 2012 here. I’d only add that the main thing is to find a business that you can be PASSIONATE about because to succeed you will have to LIVE your business. It will be – if I’m not misusing the word –  your “calling”. That will be the only way to succeed. If you begin your business planning how you’re going to get exotic drinks on the beach instead of finding joy in the work you actually DO daily, it probably won’t work out. Joy and passion in doing your business will help you overcome and work past the hardships that otherwise will stop your world be competition! Oh well, off my soapbox! :)

If you already have a home or small business you may want to stop by just for the tax tips and read their material on Small Business Taxes. As April 15th draws near, it pays to make sure  you’re maximizing your legitimate deductions.

You’ll know you’re at the right place when you find this in YOUR browser!

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