The Insanity of Internet Marketing

March 21, 2012 by Chuck | 2 Comments

I’m putting this under the “humor” category but it’s sick humor indeed… in fact, it’s a bit like laughing at someone so mentally challenged that they drool on themselves. It’s not really “funny”, but the alternative is weeping!

Anyway, I open my email today and I’m approached by this advertiser wants to sponsor a blog post…

The FIRST thing they want to make very clear is that they will NOT pay for links posted in PLAGIARIZED or “SPUN” articles!

My first reaction is that such a comment “first thing” is a strange way to begin a relationship. To paraphrase the Shakespeare line “Methinks he doth protest too much”!

And so it would prove…

But a lack of human skills is frequently lacking in the business world. The funny (or rather “sick”, “insane”,”maddening”, your choice) is that the website seeking links that is so against PLAGIARISM is a website selling term papers to college students so they can go out and party instead of spending all their time working!

No kidding, that’s pretty much what their website says.

Funny how people who want to prostitute themselves so that others can plagiarize recognize the evil of the practice when it comes to promoting their business!

As Homer Simpson would say… “Doh!”

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