Are You Losing 25% of Your Blog’s Potential Revenue?

November 30, 2011 by Chuck | 0 Comments

Every blogging wannabe knows that you make money by adding Google Adsense ads to your web pages right?

In theory that’s going to make you great money… and it can.

But the truth is there is a way to earn up to an additional 25% more from your website – without doing ANY extra work on your part – and squeeze extra revenue from every post by adding JUST ONE LINE OF JAVASCRIPT to your website.

Here’s how we do that as customers of IntentClick, the company that enables our In-text links.

You just sign up, grab your personalized code, plug it into the footer of your website and you have created an entirely new income stream that automatically adds text links to keywords in your blog posts.

Why should you consider this…

1) You need to maximize the revenue of your blog. That’s just common sense.

2) Not all PPC Advertising is created “equal”.

Did you know that the text block ads like Google are mainly attractive to unsophisticated readers or people just searching for information? That means that people who actually come to your blog to READ it are less likely to be producing revenue for you. Isn’t it a bit insane to work like a dog to build up READERSHIP when that could actually be reducing your revenues somewhat because the more serious readers aren’t there for the ads?

How do you attempt to resolve that issue? Text links targeted to your blogs content are the type of ads most likely to reach the serious readers are reward your WRITING!

You really need a variety of ads to reach a variety of customers most serious professional bloggers have found.

3) Automated linking must be involved. The script does all the linking… you don’t have to insert a link in the first place or CHANGE the link when the offer expires. Any longstanding blog will have thousands of such links and changing them is impossible unless they auto-update.

4) Guaranteed payouts are essential. “CPA” offers are a shot in the dark usually. They pay when an action is taken, but frankly, you just want to be paid when people click usually. IntentClick offers a GUARANTEED MINIMUM PAYOUT of 7 cents per click plus more for clicks that “convert”. That sounds fair to me!

5) TARGETED offers keep your readers happy. If someone comes to your website because they are interested in having a Better Income or Saving Money, they probably don’t want to see offers about distracting if not insulting products (you likely know what I mean). Because Intent Click only works with qualified blogs focused on people wanting improved income, they make sure your readers see offers that jibe with your site’s themes!

If you want to stop letting money slip through your fingers, consider checking Intent Click for the best payout from every blog post!

We chose IntentClick for our blog… if you’re an income related or money saving blog, you may be leaving money on the table if you don’t investigate this option thoroughly!

Note: Thanks to Intent Click for sponsoring our blog today. We are satisfied customers and you can see their text links on our pages!

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