7 Businesses That May Collapse If The USPS Dies

September 25, 2011 by Chuck | 1 Comment

The impending implosion of the USPS may have severe ripple effects… especially for home business people.

If you’re making your money selling on Ebay, Etsy.com, or Amazon… the demise of the USPS could leave you looking for work. Or at least raise your shipping costs immensely which then could leave you looking for work. Network marketing companies and their representatives could suffer too (or we could go back to the days of people carrying inventory!)

But don’t worry, you would’t be alone. Even HUGE companies like Federal Express earn money in part because of the Postal Service! Netflix could take a licking too… (but after they’ve antagonized their own customers anyway, it might serve them right!)

After you see the Big Companies that have been hit, you might be convinced that crony capitalism will kick in to save the USPS no matter what it costs the rest of us…

Here’s an interesting photo gallery of businesses that will be hurt if the USPS goes under.

USPS Fallout: 7 Businesses that May Hit the Skids at The Fiscal Times…

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