Nashville, TN – Home-based businesses take hit from Metro Council

July 6, 2011 by Chuck | 3 Comments

While Nashville, TN is friendly to Big Business and congratulates itself for every corporation that relocates its headquarters in the vicinity, it’s love for entrepreneurship is not quite so uniform. Unless there’s a photo op or some way for politicians to congratulate themselves for attracting a business, people wanting to start a home based business have been told, essentially, to move to the back of the bus.

In the report Home-based businesses take a hit from Metro Council

As the City Paper notes:

Existing Metro law already allows residents to operate businesses from their houses, but it doesn’t permit patrons to visit for business purposes. Thus, home-based piano teachers, architects and others who have clients stop by violate the law.

“We went through the zoning codes of every comparable city in the United States,” Jameson said. “There is not a single city in the United States that flatly prohibits clients and patrons on site.”

The concern is for traffic, pollution, and parking issues ostensibly. But in reality, Nashville does not even have the will to bring it’s codes up to nationwide standards. So if you’re a white collar professional, web designer, tutor or other business person making money from your computer and your phone and you may need to see a customer and you’re looking to relocate to Nashville, TN be aware that currently your business may be “illegal”.

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