Open Letter To Jeff Bezos from Danny Sullivan

June 30, 2011 by Chuck | 1 Comment

Amazon strikes again! They terminate every affiliate in a state that requires Amazon to collect sales tax…

He makes a good point, most bloggers won’t go back and delete the Amazon links. They’ll likely refer uncompensated business for years… this is just another form of corporate theft from big business that’s able to “get away” with shafting the little guy.

I agree with Amazon that states shouldn’t tax these transactions… or any sales from brick and mortar businesses. If state’s taxed land values, that would be the fairest method (click here and read the paragraph “a really efficient tax system”)


Dear Jeff–

Thank you for your letter today, informing me that after seven years of being one of your affiliates — and having earned for you about $150,000 in that time — that you “deeply regret” unilaterally terminating my contract with Amazon to be an affiliate. I also especially appreciated the part where you reassured me that this action wouldn’t affect my ability to keep buying from your company. Nice touch.

I deeply appreciate that after so many years of supporting your company, and earning my 4.5% cut over those years (as I figured today, looking at my stats), that you’ve decided that I should be a pawn in your fight with my state. That type of loyalty really makes me want to support you in the future, should you restore your program. It also encourages me to want to continue shopping with you

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