Why Work At Home – A Philosophical Reason

April 11, 2011 by Chuck | 1 Comment

Why do we doggedly persist in working at home or working for ourselves when we could “just get a job”?

Well, that assumes there ARE jobs out there worth having. In this recession, they are fewer and fewer, but even if you had one, why would you still have your own business “on the side”?

Here’s an interesting answer… a bit philosophical… but still worth reading:

The power to negotiate a wage comes only with the power to say “no” to the terms offered, and this power comes only from the possession of an alternative to the wage. And only property confers this power. Where workers have their own property and can make their own way in the world, any wage contract they accept is likely to be a fair one, one that fairly rewards their productivity. But in absence of a real alternative, there is no real negotiation; you cannot negotiate if you cannot say “no.”

You can read the article it’s derived from here.

Note the history lesson from 16th century England there as well:

We know that in 16th century England, before capitalism came to dominate social relations, a common laborer could provision his family by 15 weeks of work, and a skilled laborer by 10. A century latter, after the closing of the commons and the seizure of the monasteries, which instantly converted England into a capitalist country, those numbers became 40 weeks and 32 weeks, respectively.


What is the difference?

Others own the fruit of our labor no matter how much they groan that we’re not productive enough for them!

That’s why the path to freedom involves acquiring property… whether that means for us skills, tools, software, knowledge, livestock or “natural property” i.e. land and managing the product of our labor.

What will you do today to be free?

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