Update: How Quickly Can You Earn Money On Hub Pages?

January 11, 2011 by Chuck | 1 Comment

I wrote this piece on “How Quickly Can You Earn Money On Hub Pages?” the other day. I’d been making about a hub per day for three weeks (I forget exactly… I think I’m about 6 days short of one month at this point).

But already I’m up to over $100 in commissions and frankly pretty excited about it.

Here’s the main tool I use to choose keywords for hubs…this is not an affiliate link (but affiliate links to the product are there)… it’s my description of how I use MicroNicheFinder?.

You can hang out on the forums there and hear how people go for a year and never make any money or finally get a $100 Adsense payout, but I know from my own experiment with just a few hubs (I now have 20 but the top earners have hundreds) that it doesn’t have to take such extended periods of time. In fact most of these earnings are from one hub – one of my earliest ones.

The key is the keyword geared to people in “search” mode to buy something.

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