How to Write an Amazon Sales Hub and Sell Amazon Items

December 28, 2010 by Chuck | 2 Comments

I found a very informative hub called: How to Write an Amazon Sales Hub and Sell Amazon Items

Amazon is a major source of affiliate revenue on Hub Pages, so it pays to know how to do this correctly.

I’ve been telling you how much I’m enjoying HubPages, but I wanted you to get started correctly, and this advice from WryLit that could save you time and speed up the learning curve for making money.

WryLit is a writer from Australia and she suggested that this was the first thing she’d do if she were to start all over again.

I’ve included a small portion of her Hub on this topic. If you like it, click through and read the whole thing!

When I first joined hubpages, the idea of writing sales hubs not only scared me, it also made me feel like I was ‘selling out’ as a writer. However I’ve since come to the conclusion that:

Informational hubs don’t sell Amazon items – people who visit how to or guide hubs are usually just looking for answers. To sell items you need to aim at buyers, which means you need to write your hub, title and tags based around an item. You may get occasional clicks or maybe hit it lucky with a particular information topic which attracts buyers, but this is rare.
Sales hubs are where the money is – I earn reasonable amounts from Adsense as well as Amazon on my sales hubs.
Being a writer is about making people want to read what you’ve written, not just about writing a famous novel or a poem.
Of course the idea can still be a little scary if you’re trying to make the transition from informational or creative writing to sales writing. However I can guarantee one thing – it does get easier with time.

Read it all: How to Write an Amazon Sales Hub and Sell Amazon Items

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