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December 3, 2010 by Chuck | 1 Comment

I just found out about an interesting service today, called Xomba

What I like about this site is that – as a wiki of sorts – you’re going to build up lots of content and lots of link juice. Any article you write must be 150 words (they do NOT allow plagiarizing, advertisements, or affiliate links. They don’t want duplicate content!)  not only gets you BACKLINKS, they also split Google Adsense revenue with you on a 50/50 basis! Awesome!

Are you sick of writing full articles?

No problem…

You can also BOOKMARK a link and just do 50 words of content.

So, let’s check this out.

Xomba lets you …

1. Write articles or just make bookmarks and GET PAID

2. Get backlinks to your blogs, websites, or other online properties.

3. Get paid out of Xomba’s share for people you refer to Xomba.

(The lady who referred me will get 10% of the Adsense revenue that Xomba generates from my content.)

Thanks to adsense, Xomba gives you the opportunity to develop monthly income.  I know that there’s one site I posted an article to that gives be about $1 per Adsense click (after the revenue split!) and produces clicks pretty frequently. Unfortuately the site doesn’t seem to take new articles oddly enough!

But the way I look at this…I’ll try some book marks, try some articles, and see what kind of revenue comes in from Google. Then I’ll repeat it whenever I wish.

There’s no cost to sign up for Xomba. So check it out, you have nothing to lose!

Best of all with Xomba you can get started right now and begin posting in just a few minutes! (Your posts will be moderated but you can start without a long approval process!)

What are you waiting for?

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