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August 31, 2010 by Chuck | 19 Comments

Every month people look for a WP Robot Review to see if the WordPress Plugin they’ve heard so much about is actually that good. Most of the pages that have titled themselves as a WordPress Robot Review actually just rehash what you can find at the WPRobot.net site.

I want to get beyond rehashing what’s at the site and talk about the use of WP Robot and a sister product called WP Shopping Pages.

Click here to view more details about the WP Robot Plugin or here to learn about WP Shopping Pages.

The WP Robot WordPress plugin is a tool bloggers use to create content automatically.

At whatever interval you decide WP Robot can use a variety of techniques to post new content automatically and even monetize the post for you by pulling affiliate links from Clickbank, Ebay and Amazon that are related to the article, press release, RSS entry, Yahoo! News, or YouTube video you post.

Conceivably you could set up a blog, set up your WP Robot settings once and then just let the website build new content on a regular basis forever and ever.  In theory, that might even make you some money!

The mistake beginners make is thinking that if they build 1,000 auto generated pages with WP Robot monthly on some generic keyword term then people will flock to their website and make them rich. No, WP Robot (nor any wordpress auto posting system) works that way!

That’s because of the search engine’s constant quest for “relevance”. When Google goes to a site, it can tell if you’ve simply used WP Robot to upload an article from a database that 100 others have uploaded. What it looks for is a consistency on the page … keywords related to the common theme. In an experts article on Tooth Decay, it might expect to find the related terms of

  • gum disease
  • dental decay
  • dental disease
  • dental caries
  • gingivitis

with a certain frequency as well instead of just the mere repeating of the main “keyword”.  Some articles are better at this “theming” than others but unless even these articles have a certain amount of fresh content, they stand a good chance of being written off by the search engines and funneled into that online graveyard for the non-relevant page.

A WP Robot Review that doesn’t tell you that you can easily create a website that Google considers completely irrelevant isn’t telling you the truth. This is not WP Robot’s fault as a wordpress plugin. It is the fault of webmasters who are looking for a miracle and don’t know how to properly utilize the WP Robot plugin!

Here’s what I suggest you do with your WP Robot plugin after reading this review.

When you get it, think in terms of a variety of modules, ebay, amazon, clickbank, articles, press releases, youtube, etc. but don’t stop there.

Recognize that in WP Robot has the capability to mix and match the output of these various modules to create unique pages less likely to be written off by Google as irrelevant or not thematically cogent.

In other words, if you’re using RSS feeds to create a WP Robot page you might want to do this…

1) Splice several RSS feeds together using any number of online tools so you’re not just using one RSS feed.

2) Configure your WP Robot “campaign” so that on the page produced, you have a variety of information instead of just one RSS entry or just an article or just a press release.

For example, you can have multiple entries from an RSS feed.  Between the entries WP Robot can allow you to post any number of random but keyword/keyphrase related content between the entries, before the entries or after the entries. WP Robot can then allow you to attach keyword related Amazon, Ebay, or Click bank products to monetize each entry as well.

By creating a variety of campaigns and mixing the various elements WP Robot allows you to mix and match, you stand a much better chance of producing unique content.

Click here to view more details about the WP Robot Plugin or here to learn about WP Shopping Pages.

Here’s another tip none of the other WP Review articles I saw mentioned.

Set your campaign to post as a draft, not a published post or page.

I’ve seen WP Robot pull some ridiculous articles based on a single keyword. The article writer spammed his post with completely unrelated keywords for some reason and now an article about Crab Rangoon is posted on your Buffalo Burger website! It’s true. I’ve learned that lesson the hard way. It’s no fault of WP Robot, but it does happen. Learn to anticipate that. It requires extra work but doesn’t leave you looking stupid!

Here’s another thing no WP Robot review ever got around to telling me… About WP Shopping Pages. Personally when I build a website, it includes a regularly updated blog aspect if possible and then pages that sell specific products. I wouldn’t trade WP Robot for anything to create awesome blog posts (keeping my advice above in mind).

But for building static pages these days here is what I would do – again, this isn’t anything I’ve ever read in a WP Robot wordpress plugin review, just something I decided to do.

1. After using MicroNicheFinder to identify my basic niche for the website and domain name, I go to Google search, type in the keyword or phrase and then check “related searches”.

2. I then make a list of other keywords, product names, etc. people are searching for when interested in my basic domain name keyword.

3. I also check out Amazon.com and Ebay.com for other possible keywords they suggest.

4. Once I’ve got my list of keywords, I plug them into WP Shopping Pages because it is excellent for producing relevant, “themed” web pages with individualized content for these keywords that real searchers use to buy products!

Ok, I’ve spend enough time on this WP Robot review.

I strongly support your purchasing and using WP Robot AND WP Shopping pages.

However, to use them intelligently, please review my suggestions for incorporating them in “themed” web pages that go out of their way to harmonize with what Google – from it’s search experience – recognizes that web users are actually looking for.

In this way WP Robot and WP Shopping Pages are most likely to help you create niche sites actually pull traffic and sales.

The more you can do to turn a WP Robot enabled site into something with unique content, the more likely WP Robot will be useful to you in building an online business!

Click here to view more details about the WP Robot Plugin or here to learn about WP Shopping Pages.

Note: This article contains affiliate links to the product reviewed.

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