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August 25, 2010 by Chuck | 6 Comments

Twitter has taken the communications world by storm. In some settings, Twitter has replaced email as the preferred way to communicate! Some like me use Twitter to activate their other social media sites. For me, Twitter is the “heart” of my social networking.

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But now it’s evolving into so much more… a massive opportunity to generate income… IF you know what you’re doing!

Here’s how I see it’s importance… Twitter lets you know instantly what hundreds of thousands of people are thinking on any given topic.

When the Air Forced scared the heck out of people doing a “flyover” of New York City that reminded folks of “9/11″ they monitored Twitter to see how deeply they’d offended the populace.  A simple “Twitter” search on “trending topics” was all it took.

So what about your product? service? As I’ve mentioned elsewhere on the topic of “Real Time  Brand Management”, companies who have recognized Twitter’s potential have a staff of professionals monitoring Twitter for customer discontent so they can respond helpfully and in person.  This is a customer service and customer retention function of Twitter.

The more tricky issue is one of actual marketing. Twitter is averse to marketing and direct sales. The opportunity exists to market if one can time effectively and cost effectively identify interested parties seeking the kind of information you can provide.

This is the proverbial “catch 22″. Twitter offers immense value but could become a “black hole” of wasted time and effort if the plan devolves into online “schmoozing”!

How do you dive into the “Twitter Haystack” to find those needles  - the customers who want to do business with you?

Based on my own experience so far, here’s what I suggest:

1) Forget direct selling. Twitter is a long term strategy.

2) Focus on promoting information, tips, articles, etc. first and creating a strategy with one goal – listbuilding.

3) Use software to identify potentially interested followers but don’t let your Twitter Profile come on like a sleazy marketer… come on like a topic expert.

4) Feed your RSS through your Twitter account but don’t make Twitter just a broadcast medium for your site.

5) The most likely Twitter communication to get a response is a direct message or @ (reply).  I suggest the “@” to interact personally with people. In my experiments, such replies got 30 to 50% click through.

6) Intrusive, off topic “@’s” are likely to get you suspended. Frankly if you’re selling iPads right now, I don’t think this will work for you… just the name of what you’re promoting seems too much like spam! A few people “blocking” your account could mean you’re looking for a new account! And you may want to expect that to happen.

7) Automation can do too much. You may find 1,000 people talking about a “baby” for instance, but it doesn’t mean they are a person you should contact.  Someone may be saying something like “Oh baby that’s one hot momma!” Likely that’s not a prospect who wants to read your site’s articles on “how to survive a baby with colic”. See what I mean? Same thing for any key word or phrase.

8 ) In fact, Twitter searching is not like keyword SEO in Google in many ways. Say you promote articles on personal finance. Search for “Credit Repair” and I’ll guarantee you’re going to get almost 100% marketers - not real potential readers for your site or folks interested in your contact list.

9) The above fact requires that automation never be separated from human interaction. Human eyes need to verify an actual contact through some search strings will help you avoid “major” trash results. In the end, staff time must be allocated with “automation time”! Automation just makes personal time investment more effective.

10) Landing Page management is crucial. If you get huge click throughs but no email or rss sign ups, why bother in a sense? Even “Missionaries” for a cause would prefer the option of follow up contacts!

For that reason, I suggest constant tracking and testing of your landing pages to maximize results. Test video, hovering interaction, specialized footer advertising, etc. and other techniques and ruthlessly adapt all your pages to conform to the one most likely to build your list. Once you do this for Twitter, it will likely work for your other readers!

Failing at this last point, can invalidate all you other efforts!

Test the products linked to here. If you’re interested in Twitter Marketing Consulting, contact me!

Find out how I drove $500 worth of business to a retailer’s site in a few minutes – click here to check out this information on =>  Free Web Traffic

Note this post contains affiliate links to suggested products.

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