How Entrepreneurs Can Cash In On The Groupon Feeding Frenzy

August 25, 2010 by Chuck | 0 Comments

Groupon of course is the “daily deal” email that’s segmented by city in the US. Forbes says it may be the fastest growing company in history. Though such growth makes me think of cancers and mushrooms instead of something healthy and viable, nonetheless, it is worth noting.

Business Insider has an article suggesting ways you might cash in on this trend:

If you are an entrepreneur, blogger, wanna-be entrepreneur, or wanna-be blogger – there is a clear opportunity for you to get yourself involved with Groupon and the new industry that has been created. A major key is to get in early – and with this niche still in its infancy – you have that opportunity. The other major key to to have passion for the niche and soak up everything that you can.

To become an expert in a niche – you have to have passion. Many people who had the passion early on to soak up everything they could about Twitter, have been able to carve out an entrepreneurial niche for themselves. So, if you can apply a passion and energy to a new emerging niche – you can create opportunity for yourself. The next question is what to do with that knowledge and passion to create a business, income source, or opportunity for yourself. Here, I will outline 5 things that you can apply your “daily deal niche” expertise too.

Read all the suggestions…

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