Earn Money For Surveys, The Truth Revealed

July 25, 2010 by Chuck | 0 Comments

I have recently gotten some inquiries about how to earn money for surveys and I decided to remind our readers my belief on this.

I DO NOT do surveys on a regular basis… maybe one or two a month if I “feel” like it. Sometimes I’m busy and just ignore the emails I receive. Other times I am interested but don’t qualify. That’s life in the survey business!

But I was checking my stats and I have earned – over the last few years of irregular survey taking – over $800. My survey account is like a “piggy bank”. I cash it out when I need some extra money for something special.

My demographic doesn’t seem as popular as some are for surveys. I just decided to keep the trickle of money coming in for “play money”.

I suggest you TEST to see whether you earn money for surveys by signing up for a free survey service. If and when you see you can earn money for surveys, THEN you can pay for one of those services that aggregates tons potential surveys.

OK so how do you do that?


1. Sign up here to Earn Money For Surveys at my recommended source. It’s free to join and they pay real money.

2. If you like doing surveys and you get a good number of requests, take the money you earn for surveys and use it to purchase membership at a paid membership site. Then you can do surveys for money, for “points”, or whatever you like. Usually these sites tell you how to get paid for other things like mystery shopping and other ways to make money from home.

If you have tested my system to see if you can earn money for surveys and you wish to join a membership site so you can try your hand at to earn money for surveys on a more active basis, I suggest you look at Surveys At Home.

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