How Will The Health Care Bill Affect Work At Home Moms?

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Helium How the health care bill will affect work-at-home moms?

In a flight of fancy the author writes:

Work at home moms will benefit more from the Health Care Reform bill than anyone else in America – though it may take a few years. By 2014, “health exchanges” will be set up which allow anyone – even self-employed, stay-at-home moms – to purchase health insurance as part of a large group. This means they’ll enjoy the same collective bargaining power as the employees at large corporations, so they’ll finally be able to get insurance at a much more reasonable rate. And the health care reform legislation will also make it illegal for these insurers to deny coverage to anyone, even if they’ve got an expensive pre-existing condition.

Yes, this is the theory.

Unfortunately the whole legislation was birthed in obfuscation and deceit. It was passed including a 21% reduction in Medicare fees which the Senate later rescinded. This action makes the bill much more expensive than promised.

Who knows yet what lies lurk in its pages.

If people think that these buying pools will be cheap, I think they will be sadly mistaken. People will likely calculate they only need to buy insurance when sick and when they can’t be denied. Then they’ll drop the plans and pay the cheaper fine otherwise. What sane person wouldn’t?

If a work at home mom is today covered by a spouse’s health insurance, it’s quite likely that they have the best health insurance they’ll ever have.

Massachusetts already has a plan very similar to Obamacare. What’s happening there? These companies who supposedly have this superior bargaining power, are dropping coverage and paying the fine. They’re letting their employees depend on the state plan. Check it out at Firms Drop Insurance, Shifting Cost To State

If you think the program is going to be so fantastic, folks, you aren’t paying attention.

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