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One of my favorite resources for new marketing insight is the Marketing Junkies “Inner Circle” membership. New material is added all the time. You can sample as much as you want or all of it right now with a free membership!

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Here’s a SAMPLE of what you’ll get!

Here’s a sample of what you get as a Marketing Junkies’ Silver Member:
Search Engine Optimization

  • PageRank Predicted Sources
  • How to Prepare For a Flood of New Web Traffic
  • Hacking With The Google Search Engine
  • Traffic Quality Scale – A Start…
  • Search Engine Optimization Message Board Compilations

SEO Tools

  • How to Get Webpages Deleted from Google’s Cache
  • Search Engine Spider Robot Simulation
  • Search Engine Position Checker

Make Money

  • Making Money By Spring Cleaning
  • How To Easily Ask For Donations
  • Donation Tips With PayPal

Lead Generation

  • Get Your Blog Listed on Google Finance

Testing & Tracking

  • These 3 Words Boosts Response 733%
  • Ideas for Split Testing
  • When Enough is Enough (To Test)?
  • New Remote Split Testing Service
  • Google Analytical


  • Copyright In Emails
  • How to Tell If Your Email is Being Tapped
  • The 25 Most Common Mistakes in Email Security
  • Best Way to Send HTML Email
  • How to Send Anonymous/Traceless Emails
  • How to Backup gMail
  • Whitelisting Swipe File
  • Amazing Open Source ajax Email System
  • Flash Email Software
  • Instant Throw Away Email Account With No Pre-Registration

Affiliate Marketing

  • ClickBank Refund Rate Calculator
  • Hightest Paying AdSense Keywords
  • Google AdSense Sandbox Tool
  • Boosting Google AdSense Earnings
  • Google AdSense Affiliate Program Now Available
  • How to Tell Google What AdSense Ad to Display
  • AdSense Cut Me Off
  • Affiliate Manager’s Request For Tips and Ideas
  • How to Avoid VAT Tax on Clickbank
  • How to Get Dissapproved Clickbank Product Approved
  • Google to Compete Against Commission Junction
  • Direct URL to ClickBank Order Page
  • FREE Affiliate Link Cloaking Web Software
  • Affiliate Portals
  • Search ClickBank by Keyword Phrase
  • New Affiliate Programs Locator

Joint Venture

  • Google Offers Pay-Per-Action Affiliate Program

Inner Circle

  • Interview Famous People for About $50 (plus free stroking)


  • Should You Accept Swag (FREE Goodies) For a Positive Review?
  • How to Turn Publicity Into Profits
  • Revealing The Sources Of Google News


  • Backdoor Way to Best Business Blogs
  • Blogging Terms Glossary
  • Top 20 Blog Designs
  • “Cliff Notes” of Blog Content
  • Blog Hosting
  • Audio Blogging
  • Ex-Google Employees Blogs
  • Web Stats for Blogs
  • Branding Blog
  • Get Paid to Blog
  • Business Blogs With high Page Rank

Competitive Intelligence

  • Agora Swipe File (via Google)
  • Monetizing General Traffic
  • 12 Quick Tips To Search Google Like An Expert
  • Google Hacking
  • Google Trend Tools
  • Swipe File From Comic Books
  • Eyetracking Case Studies
  • Find a Private Investigator (PI)
  • Stats on Steroids
  • Eavesdropping Search Engines
  • MSN Adlabs – Nice!
  • Find Similar Sites

Article Marketing

  • List of Reprint Article Sites
  • List of Free Directories to Post Articles


  • Web mp3 Players
  • Web Page and Website Translation
  • Expand/Collapse Menus
  • PHP SWF Charts
  • Massive List of Site Builders
  • Is Eyetracking Overrated?
  • FREE Flash Web Site Templates
  • 85+ Free Killer Resources Every Designer Should Know
  • How to Create an Awesome Logo
  • Fish for Logo Inspiration
  • Online Sticky Notes
  • Huge Open Source Scripting Library
  • Unix Date and Time Formatting
  • 5 HTML Elements You Probably Never Use (but perhaps should)
  • ajax Patterns
  • How to Protect Your Web Site Content From Being Hijacked
  • CSS Drop Shadows
  • Pie Chart (DHTML)
  • Scrolling Ticker (DHTML)
  • View Internal Webpages Within Tabs (ajax)
  • Cool ajax Applications
  • Web Toolkits
  • Cool Javascript Tween
  • Photoshop Color Photo Into Sketch
  • How to add Google Maps to Your Website in About 10 Minutes
  • CSS Fonts
  • Check to See If Your Site is Web 2.0 Certified
  • mySQL Automatic Backup
  • Navigation Magnification
  • Cool Tab Page
  • Date Format Options in PHP
  • How to Automatically Update a Copyright on a Web Page
  • DHTML Button Object Cheat Sheet
  • Open Source Clipart, Illustrations, Clip Art, Photos, and Graphics
  • Countdown With URL Redirect
  • Showroom of Amazing ajax Scripts
  • Add Stock Ticker to Your Website FREE
  • Super High-quality Video Web Hosting
  • Robert Plank’s Popup Builder
  • Eye Tracking Sources
  • Fundraising Progress Meter
  • McAfee Tests Site Safety with SiteAdvisor.com
  • Flash Sniffer Code Generator
  • FREE Online Audio Hosting
  • Live Web Chat (PHP)
  • FREE Photos for Your Website
  • htaccess Generator
  • Everything About Your Website URL
  • CSS Templates
  • Record Screen Shots as Online Movie
  • CSS Optimization
  • Source Code Viewer
  • Live Chat on Any Webpage
  • CSS HTML Table Templates
  • Flash Tools and Sources
  • Form Generators
  • Compare Fonts for The Screen
  • Robots.txt Generator
  • Button Maker
  • HTTP Header Viewer
  • Web Page Templates
  • Tabifier — Indent and Tab Computer Code
  • Real-Time HTML Editor
  • Add Drop Shadow for Web Images
  • Edit Photos and Graphics Online
  • Web Page Analyzers
  • Encrypt Your Website
  • Color Schemer
  • Lorem Ipsum Generator
  • User Interface Engineering
  • Google Sitemap Creators
  • FREE Illustrations of Celebrities
  • FREE Online Graphic Hosting


  • “Why People Buy” Cheet Sheet
  • “Click Here If You Decided Not to Order” (Swipe File)
  • “Name Squeeze” (Swipe File)
  • Headline Analysis Tool


  • How to Transcribe and Edit The Perfect Recorded Audio Interview
  • Animating with Javascript
  • Optimum # Words Per Line – and Other Web Design Stuff


  • Self Replicating Content Portals
  • Amazon’s Backdoor to FREE Content
  • Questions Answers Exchanges
  • Duplicate Webpage Checker
  • Article Tag Sources
  • Open Source CMS
  • Newspaper Snippet Generator
  • Article Directories
  • eBook Portals


  • 5 Reasons to Turn Down a Potential Client
  • Converting Visitors Into Regular Readers
  • Value Propostions
  • 5 Phrases You Never Want to Hear in a Presentation
  • Podcast Hosting Sources

Auction Marketing

  • Auction Sniping Tools
  • 10 Common Mistakes eBay Sellers Make

Web Site

  • 22 Questions to Ask When Buying a Shopping Cart System
  • How to Build an eCommerce Site from Scratch

Referral Marketing

  • FTC Guidelines concerning Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising

Social Marketing

  • The Insider’s Way to Get Into Digg
  • Can Your Site Survive a Digg?
  • Digg’s Attention Grabbing Words
  • Blogger Backup Checklist
  • Social Bookmarketing Sites

Getting Things Done

  • 5 Excellent Mind Habits to Develop
  • Record On Your iPod FREE
  • 50 Ways to Take Notes

Pay Per

  • Interesting Boost in Pay Per Click Response
  • Nifty AdWord’s Strategy
  • Adwords Quality Score Sources
  • Amazing Adwords Sources
  • VinnyLingham’s Blog – Great resource…
  • Turn off Google Adwords During Slow Times
  • Amazing Google AdWords Sources
  • Pay Per Click Portals
  • Using AdWords Dynamic Parameters
  • New Google AdWords Fraud Alert
  • Cost Per Action Sources
  • Click Fraud Index
  • Calculate Your Maximum Pay-per-Click Bid
  • In-Text Advertising on Your Own Web Site
  • Pay Per Click Calculator

Keyword Marketing

  • Online tool Easily Searches Amazon for Keyword Suggestions
  • Keyword Tag Search Engine
  • Latent Semantic Indexing Analysis SEO
  • Advanced Keyword Syntaxes
  • LSI Cluster Keyword Suggestion Sites
  • Cool SeoBook Keyword Tool
  • Keyword Suggestions
  • Keyword Workshop
  • eBay Typo Generators
  • Keyword Discovery (Lite & FREE)
  • This Blows Away WordTracker
  • Nice Adwords Tools
  • Stuck on a Keyword?

Message Board Marketing

  • Best Way to Jump Start a Forum
  • Ranked List of Message Board Forums
  • Message Board Search Engine (Ezboard)

Product Reviews

  • John Reese Traffic Secrets
  • Honest Home Study Course Reviews
  • Revenue Insider Problems


  • Search Google with PageRank at The Same Time
  • Psychology and Politics in Advertising
  • Convert doc, xls, ppt, rtf, pdf to HTML
  • Best Place to Sell Your Web Site
  • Top 10 Worst Marketing Gaffes, Flops, and Disasters
  • How to Slash the Hassles of Canceling a Service
  • TradeMark Infringement Demands…
  • Introducing The Disappointment Factor
  • FREE Online Education
  • File Difference Tool
  • Airport Cell Phone Lots
  • How to Handle Tough Questions From An Audience
  • Turn any $60 Wireless Router Into $600 Super Wireless Router
  • Phone Prefix Location Lookup Tool
  • List of Job Descriptions
  • mySQL Cheat Sheets
  • 6 Steps for Learning Difficult Subjects Quickly
  • 5 Most Common Lies in Business
  • Speech Accent Archive
  • How to Pull an All-Nighter
  • Ideas for Faster Web Browsing
  • Comparison of Web Browsers
  • Show my IP Address
  • Broadbank over Powerlines (BPL) Search Engine
  • Amazing Flight Search Engine
  • Fast Food Search Engine (Mashup)
  • Job Search Engine
  • Small Business Trend Tracker Blog
  • Tom Antion List of Amazing Sources
  • Transcribing Voice Tapes
  • Do Indians Love to Refund
  • My List of Favorite Experts
  • Make Skype Conference Calls with Regular Telephones
  • Encryption and Decoding
  • Online Bookmarking
  • Transcription Using Live Typist
  • Report Webpage Spam
  • Hard to Find 800 Numbers
  • Convert HTML to PDF with PHP
  • On Demand Book Publishing
  • SIP Conference Calling
  • Save SMS Messages Online
  • CC Card Processor Calculator…
  • Mailing List of People with Egos
  • Domain Name Registrars
  • Hundreds of Web Proxy Servers
  • Web Video Hosting Services
  • Convert Any Movie to Flash SWF
  • Lie Detector Glasses
  • Best Open Source Windows’ Software
  • USPS — My Desktop Post Office
  • PDF Conversions
  • Hundreds of Online Tools
  • File Transfer Services
  • Convert Files and Data
  • Grab Proper Name From Any Webpage
  • Cell Phone Towers (Mashups)
  • FREE Online Legal Advice (Wiki)
  • Bypass Annoying Registration
  • Create Your Own Contextual Links
  • Agatra – Forget Your Passwords
  • Calculate Your Online Ego
  • Track Your Delivery on Google Maps
  • Code Snippets and Full Scripts
  • Record and Burn Your Own Teleconference to CD
  • New Search Engine for Finding Transcriptions of News and Features
  • Search Television Closed Captioning
  • Searchable Internet Marketing Directory
  • Instant Toll-Free Service
  • Recording Teleconferences
  • Nifty Open Source Sources
  • The 5 Most Common Mistakes Made By Startups

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