Keyword Snatcher No Longer Available After Tomorrow

June 24, 2010 by Chuck | 0 Comments

It’s true. Keyword Snatcher will not be available after tomorrow… the sale of this product ends June 25th!

As I told you previously (see below) it will only be available THIS WEEK till the 25th. It’s very important that you order this product now or you really WILL miss out.

Here’s why…

If you are doing any keyword research at all, it PAYS to use Keyword Snatcher


We “think” we can use the Google Adwords keyword research tool and get a real count of searches… WRONG.

Watch the video here and see for yourself: Keyword Snatcher

If you’re only using Google’s free tool, you are losing out from finding important niches you could be dominating! Here’s what one marketer found who’s testing this tool:

I ran several keywords through the Keyword Snatcher and a similar software currently on the market. Keyword Snatcher pulled almost double the number of keyword phrases as the competitor. These were not junk keywords but useful phrases I can use to build and expand my content. It’s fast too.

This tool is ONLY available June 21-25. At $47 it’s incredibly cheap and well worth your purchase if you want to find real niches that other marketers who just use Google will never find…

Check it out. I think you’ll love it! Keyword Snatcher

Note: these are affiliate links to a product I know and believe is well worth every penny if you’re marketing online.

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