Enter The Cloud To Work Wherever You Want

June 21, 2010 by Chuck | 0 Comments

The “Cloud” offers us many more work at home or “work where you want” opportunities. Find a hot spot and plug in to “the cloud”.

One entrepreneur has tried to extend the concept of cloud computing to create a “real estate cloud” based around prime real estate centers so that small business people can meet customers at “prime” locations.

Here’s how it works: Enter “the cloud”: An office when and where you want it

Mr. Devanesan, who had previous experience working out of his own apartment, knew the drawbacks first-hand. And he was encountering people with small, startup businesses who were struggling to work at home, or just lacked the capital to set up a large, professional office of their own. He wanted to offer a solution.

“A lot of people with a business don’t actually need a permanent, elaborate space. They just need a professional space they are comfortable working in – a place to meet with clients and present things. We realize that small companies, when they get off the ground, just really need an address, and a meeting space, not a long lease and a lot of expense. That’s when we realized the idea of a virtual office had potential.”

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