Red Tory: How Left and Right have Broken Britain and How we can Fix It (Kindle Edition)

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Have any of you read ‘Red Tory: How Left and Right have Broken Britain and How we can Fix It?’ – recommendations?

Here are excerpts from a review of the book at that sum it up well:

Red Tory takes what’s best of both the Left and Right. Blond calls it a “red Tory” communitarianism, socially conservative but sceptical of neoliberal economics.

Basically, like the Right, they uphold family, traditional values but also seek true social justice.

The only real power today is in the State and the Market, but Red Tories say both ought to be subservient to the community.
So, like the Right, it seeks to decentralize the Sate; but like the Left, it tries to counter the tyranny of the Market.
Instead of a welfare state or a market state it promotes strengthening local communities with local economies.

It draws on an old conservative tradition with the goal of an egalitarian distribution of private property with participatory economics; shared assets and modernized mutualism coupled with genuinely free markets.

Red Tories are against monopoly capitalism but believe in a true free market; capitalism with a small ‘c’.

They think the market should be subservient to the communities needs.

Red Tories prescription is to `recapitalise the poor’ and share the capitalist means of wealth production so there’s “no proletariat upon the one side, and no monopolising capitalist upon the other,” as Belloc says in The Servile State, which inspires much of what Blond has to say.

Blond clearly lays out his program with down to earth practical solutions using real world examples.

I’d think this message would appeal to work at home and small business people who know that Big Corporations are just as merciless to them as Big Government.

We genuinely believe in capitalism and competition, but instinctively we know that large corporations really believe in nothing of the sort. They believe in using the government to quash their competition and fix prices.

But to have any negative thought against “capitalism” is taboo … the “only” alternative for entrepreneurs is to believe in statism or capitalism. This author, an Anglican theologian no less, posits a third way and sees statism and corporatism as equally enemies of humane capitalism.

Let me know your thoughts.

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