The Older Entrepreneur’s Guide to Success

June 1, 2010 by Chuck | 1 Comment

With retirement ages being increased, with 401k’s becoming “201k’s”, with high unemployment and age discrimination (yes, it happens all the time… companies want workers “young, dumb, and cheap” many times) older folks are taking the risk to become entrepreneurs.

Some think it’s just a survival strategy. Others see it as the dawning of a new entrepreneurial age. Whatever it becomes it is a time of opportunity for folks who may have a baseline income, a paid off mortgage, and time on their hands they wish to turn into money.

You can see the so-called ‘guide’ here. It’s the same for any business…don’t buy a big hat when you don’t have any cows.

The best advice is not to let the lack of skill in a given area distract you. Find a partner to make up for that lack.

The Older Entrepreneur’s Guide to Success

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  • sanoy on June 2nd, 2010 at 7:29 am

    exactly, threats of current economic conditions force every one to do something until he/she can do. But i think becoming an entrepreneur in the old age is quite risky but starting a franchise give you less fear of loss because they are already have good worth in the market.

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