Associate-O-Matic Builds Amazing Amazon Associate sites!

January 5, 2010 by Chuck | 1 Comment

Associate-O-Matic Builds Amazing Amazon Associate sites! I was doing some web research and ran across a site that I found quite amazing. All the listings were Amazon listings but the presentation was fantastic! I did some digging around and found the site had been created with a specialized script that works with the Amazon Associate’s program for the US as well as Amazon UK, Canada, France, and Germany!

Here are some of the websites build with Associate-O-Matic.

Even Amazon seems to be impressed: Steve Rabuchin, Director of Developer Relations, Amazon Web Services is quoted on the site as saying

“Associate-O-Matic has leveraged the Amazon E-Commerce Service (Amazon ECS) to provide an easy-to-use store-building solution for Associates. This is innovative because they have built their offering on top of Amazon ECS, an Amazon Web Services developer API, in order to help Associates build powerful front-end websites quickly without having to be a developer themselves. ”

The price is $99 initially with a $20 per  year renewal… and it can be put on any number of sites that you own.

Note: These aren’t affiliate links. I just thought you’d really like finding it!

Would I buy it myself? Quite likely if I were targeting a niche with alot of products in it and didn’t mind the small commission. It’s also ideal for creating a “Company Store” for your customers who are coming to your site and who are likely to do business with you anyway because of a past relationship.

For a big organization capitalizing on loyal customers, the price for a single site is not bad. For individual entrepreneurs, it’s a good price if you’re planning to install it on multiple domains. If you are setting up 20 Amazon stores, for instance, in different niches, your first year cost for the script is only $5 per domain and after that only a $1 per domain in addition to domain name fees and hosting.

The downside? If you’re serving a particular niche that requires you to offer products from a variety of vendors or if you’re wanting to make Adsense revenue, there doesn’t seem (at my first glance) any way to integrate other options. [Ok, I was wrong, here's one of their  sites with Adsense: Many of their customers' sites seem to have Adsense running on them. ] Some of  the customer stores seem to be integrating this script only on one part of the site while having custom content elsewhere… like at Home Theater Shack.

Very interesting and thought provoking. It will take some time wrapping my mind around the possibilities, but I thought you’d like seeing this for yourself!

Here’s more about setting up custom boxes on the page  (e.g. for Adsense and SEO) and here’s more about actual custom pages for SEO purposes and Administration.

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  • Danny on August 16th, 2013 at 7:08 pm

    Very nice write up on Assocaite-o-matic sites, Chuck.

    I purchased a few sites a while back and absolutely fell in love with the design and simplicity of running the sites(After initial learning curve).

    The fact is that, Adsense cannot be run on these sites, and it will result in Adsense being disabled for those sites, and more than likely, all Adsense earnings lost(for all sites and web properties) for the time Adsense is still appearing on those sites.

    Using alternative though similar Ad agencies(CPC) will probably result in a huge number of page views, though with next to zero clicks, once they realize what type of platforms their ads are being displayed on.

    Also, Associate -o-matic sites can be quite difficult to rank, and you will hear the same story from people who are far more experienced with these sites than what I am.

    Though, if some decent ranking and targeted traffic can be achieved, these type of sites could generate some very healthy income in relation to product sales(commissions, etc).

    Just need to think outside the square, and try a number of alternative earning methods when running Associate-o-matic sites.

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