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December 26, 2009 by Chuck | 29 Comments

Happy New Year! I know I’m a few days early but I want to give you some free information – in the form of free online videos – that I believe will help you get started making money online in 2010!

It’s absolutely free and I’ll send you a video link by email to a new video each day for the next few days.

These videos will tell you how to do the kind of keyword niche research professionals do every day and how to take that research and turn it into mostly free web pages that cost you nothing to build (except your time) and which can generate nice monthly revenue through affiliate commissions, eBay registration fees, Adsense payments, and other forms of compensation for your efforts.

The first thing you need to get started making money online ISN’T “how to build a website” believe it or not.It’s about how to target your potential customer whether you’re starting from scratch or trying to market an existing business. Again, the videos are free! Learn how to get started online!

Note: You will be required to confirm your subscription, this is “double opt in”. Also, the tool displayed is one I use and recommend. You may purchase it if you wish through my affiliate link in the email. But even without purchasing the product, you’ll learn what you need to know about keyword research!

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