Free Shipping On All Downloads? Huh?

December 17, 2009 by Chuck | 3 Comments

It was a crazy headline. Why? Because there’s no shipping fee on audio downloads over the internet!

Were they crazy to say such a thing? Or just crazy like a fox?

To lend credence to the possibility that these folks are crazy like a fox, consider this…

1. It’s Christmas time.

2. Online retailers are trying to get your business and boost their profits by what? Offering “Free Shipping”!

3. Some will just click a headline like that anyway because they’re conditioned to.

4. Others will go “What? Are they nuts” and click to see if they really are nuts!

5. But either way, they learn about a $5 discount (considered the equivalent of a “shipping fee”) on all orders.

You can see the promotion here: Free Shipping on All Downloads

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