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  • Happy New Year!

    I’ll be travelling some, so let me wish you a Happy New Year for 2010 before I go! To get you started on the “right foot” in 2010, please remember to check out these special offers: Markus Allen’s new resource for retailers, Retailing Secrets – This promises to give you proven ideas to put money in [...]

  • “This Week In Search”

    Want to keep track of the big weekly trends in Search? Then check out this link to the Google Blog called “This Week In Search” If I want an automated list of hot topics by pure search term, I just press a button on Micro Niche Finder and – voila – a list appears. I [...]

  • Financial Fitness 2010 – Pros and Cons of Do It Yourself Debt Settlement

    As you look to 2010,  many people have the stated goal of getting out of debt. They’ve read books about negotiating debts down and paying them off early. Is this a good idea? Normally “yes” if you can. But it pays to think the decision through. Here are some Pros & Cons of do it [...]

  • Did She Really Lose 54 Pounds On The Taco Bell Drive Thru Diet?

    Did she really lose 54 pounds  on the Taco Bell Drive Thru Diet? Who knows, but if you use Micro Niche Finder v. 4 (This is an affiliate link) this is one of the results  a quick “hot topics” search picked up. In fact, I learned about it through Micro Niche Finder v. 4 before [...]

  • So What’s Your Plan For 2010?

    What’s your plan for 2010? I’m sure we’ve all heard that it’s not enough to just “wish” and “dream”. So do you have concrete action steps lined up to take in 2010 that you know. from experience, increase the odds that you’ll do business? Let’s think about that… 1. What, in the past, made money [...]

  • New Year’s Resolution: Good Back Links in 2010!

    I’m fixated on backlinks these days… In the good old days, I optimized a page for a keyword that is no longer relevant at all but it was hot back then. In those days, a well optimized page seemed to be all it took to get traffic and revenue. That one page was making me [...]

  • Is It Dumb To Get Google’s New “Smart Phone”?

    Fast Company has a preview of the new Google “Smart Phone” they’re rolling out in their latest bid to conquer the world of information. I thought it’d be of interest to home business types because I use my smart phone (an iPhone) for lots of daily uses, including business. I suspect that the more affordable [...]

  • Keeping Toned While Working At Home

    The Workshifting Fitness Routine offers some ideas to keep toned while working at home on for the holidays. I could have used this reminder last night. My favorite holiday cookie comes with a Hershey’s chocolate kiss on top. I could have used 2 instead of, well, you get the idea. I am amazed at the [...]

  • Career Advancement Thoughts for 2010 from Dilbert

    Here’s Dilbert’s Sunday comic strip for Dec 27th. When all else fails, grow a beard and go to work in a big corporation  or the government and get your bluff in early! Failing that, get my information by email on How to get started online!

  • 101 Online Marketing Tips by Phil Johnson

    Need something to jog your thinking about marketing for 2010? Then try this article:101 Online Marketing Tips by Phil Johnson As I’m reading through  these 101 suggestions, I’m trying to decide which I like best. Some are a littly “preachy”. But the points about “link baiting” are good…to go for links that aren’t easy to [...]