Amazon Sells 48 Kindle Books For Every 100 Physical Books

November 30, 2009 by Chuck | 2 Comments

As I’ve told you before, I am an affiliate for Kindle Publishing Exposed. I have almost no sales of the product, but I keep telling people about it precisely for the reason I’m about to mention. Amazon has announced that they are selling 48 Kindle Books for every 100 Physical Books they sell!

“For every 100 books we sell in physical, we sell 48 Kindle books,” said Cinthia Portugal, a spokeswoman for “This is up from 35 books for every 100 in May. Our customers tell us they read more with Kindle because they never have to worry about running out of books.”

This is an amazing development. As I’ve said before, in my opinion, it’s easier to publish a Kindle book and test it on that platform than just about anywhere else. It’s definitely one of the fastest ways to get into online publishing and have the profits coming directly to your checking account with no website, no list, and no “programming skills” involved.

Will your beloved book be a hit? The one I thought would make me “rich” just sold it’s first copy today, month’s later! But other things have sold well.

Check the amazing variety of Kindle Books. If you can turn your passion into a book, you can probably sell it on Kindle. And if it sells well there, you’ll know whether to invest in publishing a hard copy or actually “shopping” it to a traditional publisher.

You’ll also learn the “lay of the land” as they say for when other digital readers become a viable sales outlet. But publisher’s love Kindle because unlike an adobe acrobat file, these books can’t be stolen or copied or given away! The digital publishers have as much (or more) interest than you do of shutting down theft!

If you have any kind of published content that is similar to what sells on Kindle already “just sitting around”, you’re crazy not to upload it and sell it there. You’ll be reaching customers that otherwise you’d never reach.

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