10 Big Marketing Predictions For 2010

November 28, 2009 by Chuck | 2 Comments

Do you have business predictions for 2010? I’d like to hear them – please leave a comment!

10 Big Marketing Predictions for 2010

Here’s some prologue:

Big brands, niche brands and entrepreneurs that survived the storm of 2009 are in an exciting position for 2010. It is going to be a time where innovative and change in marketing is going to flourish. Marketing is going to be cheaper, faster and smarter.

The following predictions aren’t made by simply throwing mama’s spaghetti at the wall and hoping a few pieces stick. The data and ideas come from:

A: Being in the trenches building my brand to become the number #1 resource for young and young-at-heart entrepreneurs and trying everything under the sun which includes big successes, big failures, incredible learning experiences, and tons of takeaways.

B: Interviewing 40+ experts (for some reason the conversation ALWAYS turns to marketing one way or another) including Wine Library’s Gary Vaynerchuk Author of Crush It, Trust Agents Author and Blogging Thought Leader Chris Brogan, The Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger, The founder of 3 billion dollar-plus World Wide Technology Dave Steward, Sarah Evans aka PRSarahEvans, Click To Client’s Shama Kabani, The Chief Executive Bear of Build-A-Bear Workshops Maxine Clark, Author of Never Eat Alone Keith Ferrazzi, Founder of Help A Reporter Peter Shankman, Former Creative head of Anheuser Busch Bob Lachky…and many others.

C: Consulting with big brands and entrepreneurs on their marketing challenges and adapting to this quickly changing world.

D: Thousands of conversations in person, online and at speaking events with marketers, big brands, niche brands, entrepreneurs, and business owners.

The bottom line is you, your consumers, clients, customers and friends are all smart.

In 2010, smart and creative marketing is going to win. Here (in no weighted order) are my 10 Big Marketing Predictions For 2010.

Here’s the list: 10 Big Marketing Predictions for 2010

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