Raise Funds For Your Projects Selling Zambian Soap

November 27, 2009 by Chuck | 1 Comment

Zambian Soap Builds Schools

Zambian Soap Builds Schools

While everyone is out shopping this Black Friday, here’s a way to help a good cause and help people accomplish their shopping goals at the same time.

How? Raise Funds For Your Project Selling African Soap – The Zambian Soap Company has a program for you to use their handmade soap and gift baskets to raise funds for your missions project. Their Christian fair trade company supports the work of Zambian villagers and widows making all natural soap bars. Equipped with the Zambian Soap Co. catalogue, you can conduct fundraisers that both support the ministry in Zambia, and raise funds for your own missions or charitable goals. The upcoming winter holidays are an ideal time for our soap gift baskets. To learn more, contact Andy via andy @ zambiansoap . com or visit

They sell through retail outlets, so you may even want to become a for profit distributor!

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